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Shenzhen futian district people's government was established in October 1990. About the origin of the name "fukuda" there are two
Shenzhen futian district (5), a theory is originated from the song dynasty by ningbo massage the "lake mountain blessing and brightness field" is a word; Is another way of saying that originated in the southern song dynasty light zong emperor Zhao Chunshao city three years (AD 1192), historical records, the yellow sand village ancestor Jin Tang four wong to lingnan JianCun foothill, pine nuts, bring you into a case, so called "fields", later homonym for "fukuda", meaning "telford in field".
Futian district has a long history, Mr Fukuda region has always been to baoan xinan) (county. Xinan county belongs to the urban and rural areas to all belong to the Ming dynasty, qing dynasty is a XinAnXian officer rich company governs. From the period of the republic of China to the early liberation, the futian area belongs to the baoan county second district township head.
In March 1979, baoan county, shenzhen instead, founded in April the same year, luohu district, futian, attached to the city two communes.
In August 1980, shenzhen, sha tau kok, attached to the city, Mr Fukuda, in southern China, shekou, yantian communes classified as shenzhen special economic zone.
Founded in October 1981, luohu district government, is classified chengdu massage as yasuo fukuda commune, south garden 2 offices.
Futian district urban construction (7)
In June 1983, according to the spirit of deep mansion [1983] 1983 date file, shenzhen lo wu, yi, in southern China, sha tau kok is set up four offices, as the city government dispatched offices at the county level, the crust under the jurisdiction of the district office red hill road, west to the east of che area including crust, fukuda 2 neighborhood offices, the office in futian. In October, according to deep mansion [1983] no. 194 document notice, shangbu area park ridge, south garden, Mr Fukuda, sand head, merlin five street agency.
In March 1985, according to the deep FuBan [1985] no. 1985, renamed the shangbu area office shangbu administrative zone ", "shenzhen city people's government, Mr Fukuda, south garden ridge, merlin, sand head, five offices, 25 residents' committees, 14 village committees, 45 villages.
In May 1989, according to deep mansion [1989] no. 152 document approval, shangbu administrative zone add huafu, checkpoint 2 neighborhood offices.
In October 1990, approved by the state council, set up the futian district of shenzhen, luohu district, and nanshan district (organizational system at the county level). Park ridge, the futian district jurisdiction, Mr Fukuda, sand head, merlin, huafu and checkpoint, a total of shenzhen escort seven subdistrict offices. District people's government in shennan road, the original crust administrative zones corresponding to cancel.
In 2000, according to the blessing is sent [2000] no. 17 of the district party committee of district 2000 important topic research work opinion "(on further explore issues) to improve the" change in the social development of our spirit, futian district develop "" change the club" pilot program ", by the shenzhen municipal party committee after the formal approval, respectively tube and tube dahuang club will form a residentialzone club.
In 2002, futian district, in accordance with the "easy management, community service, coordinate, community residents autonomy", the basic principle of the original 116 consolidation for 85 community residents' committees, neighborhood committees made to foster new community building carrier "community residents' committees" successful experience. To be promoted throughout the whole city of shenzhen. In June the same year, shenzhen massage futian district add lotus street agency.
Futian district
In June 2003, according to Mr Fukuda district party committee on straightening out the agriculture of city community residents' committees and joint-stock cooperative company relationship implementation opinion "(group f on [2003] no. 38), in the collective joint-stock cooperative company with 15 20 agricultural city between community residents' committees, and to establish the party branch set up functions, separate office space, leading not cross office, financially independent business accounting, separate government functions from enterprise management was realized.
In June 2005, futian district in shenzhen city community work conference spirit, successfully completed the community residents' committees and the community workstation "station set up in" community management system reform. Thus, community residents' committees spun off from the role of government, and to restore the original autonomy, strengthen the function of community autonomy.
In 2007, the full implementation of "more than a standing in the community management system", "big workstation, small neighborhood committees" management mode, the whole community residents' committees in 92 on the basis of original increase 22, a total of 114.Dalian massage The total community workstation, 94. Government management center of gravity down, strengthen the function of community autonomy, and further perfect community management system.
In 2009, to explore new mechanism of community service, solid flexible execution of work and community workstation authority office for community service, exploring the service time to adjust to afternoon, evening and weekends, and better serve the people. Exploring attempt to residents' committees and the industry authority, harmonious relationship, form a joint force, to strengthen the residents' autonomy function, enhance residents' autonomy ability.

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