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How to take an online psychometric test

by anonymous

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Psychometric tests are designed to access various competencies and skills of an individual. These skills are purely professional and determine your abilities as an employee.

These are a few directives to take a successful online psychometric test:

  • Choose the right test. There are a lot of psychometric tests available online, choose the one that serves your purpose the best. It could be either a personality test or aptitude test.
  • It is advised to stick to a single type of test on any particular day. Aptitude tests are entirely different from personality tests, so, it is best to take one type a day for better understanding of the subject.
  • If you are about to take an aptitude test, brush up your math, technical, engineering and instructional skills a bit. This is a technical skills based test, so be prepared.
  • If you are taking an online psychometric test on personality remember that there are no right or wrong answers, its all about your reaction to a particular situation that the question is about. Be honest. Do not try to think like the evaluator, think like yourself, that’s the purpose of this test.
  • Most of the online psychometric test are administered by the computer, so it is up to you at what time you want to start the test. However, once you start it there is a timer that you will have to keep up with. All psychometric tests are time bound.
  • The questionnaire will vary according to the subject of test. If you have selected an aptitude test, it could be in the form of true or false, match the following, puzzles, simple mathematical problems, etc. if it is a personality test there will be multiple choice questions mostly.
  • Read the instructions very carefully. Most people get to start the test in a hurry to finish it and overlook the instructions. Its dangerous. In one of the psychometric tests conducted by a very reputed company there were two pages full of instructions before the questionnaire started, most candidates ignored it and got on with the lengthy test. Only one candidate stuck to the instructions, the last point in the instruction asked him to answer only question number 6 from the entire test paper to complete the test. Of course he was the first to finish the test and get the job. So, read it, its there for a reason.

Follow these steps while taking an online psychometric test and watch yourself succeed.

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