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Public Cloud Infrastructure – The widely used cloud architec

by kalpeshkumar

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The cloud system is acquiring greater prominence in these days of increased internet usage. The cloud system stands for a system where the cloud resources hosted by a provider and are granted with an access to the users on their demand. The users will be required to pay the amount based on their usage. This would free the users from installing the huge equipment and maintaining them.

Types of Cloud Systems

The cloud systems are further classified into four types based on the management and ownership. They are

1.      Public cloud systems

2.      Cloud system community

3.      Private cloud systems

4.      Hybrid or customized cloud system

Public Cloud Infrastructureis the widely used model when compared to the rest. This holds the major share in the cloud systems market.

About Public Cloud System

Under this system, the servers and resources are usually owned by a third party vendor. He would grant access to any number of customers by charging certain amount as fee. The vendor provides the service to the customers remotely. The access would be granted to the customers through secured user ids and passwords. The vendor invests huge amounts on the infrastructure and continues to spend huge amounts on the operations. He would charge certain amount as the fee from the customers

Often some vendors would not prefer to charge anything from the customers. They offer the service for free of cost. They gain the revenues through the advertisements.

What is Public Cloud Infrastructure?

Again in the Public cloud system, there exist some architecture. In architecture, the vendor would install applications in the computers of the users. This would appear to be a horizontal cloud system. In the other modes, there would a central server accessed by multiple users. Each of the architecture has its own advantages.

The Cloud Computing Architecture could be further modified in such a way that it meets the requirement of the clients. This was mostly seen in the hybrid mode of cloud systems.

The Cloud Computing Architecture is very important to deal with. If a company has number of branches, it should choose such architecture that all its branches could use the application simultaneously and all the data is centrally saved.

Advantages to the business groups

The technology has fetched many advantages to the business groups. The entrance of the technology has brought up a tremendous change in the business procedures. The Cloud technology has further simplified the business procedures. So, without any real time storage in the system too, the users can access the information remotely through the internet connection. So, there was no possibility of loss of data for the customers. Further the data would get stored in a central server.

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