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Luxury Homes Los Angeles Can Brag About

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As Los Angeles is known as a city to build your dreams. To many, owning a luxury home in Los Angeles is the sign that they have reached the top of their goals. Some have gone beyond the standard home for both showcase and personal comfort.

The largest home in Los Angeles is the Spelling Manor. This stunning 56,500 square foot mansion was built in 1988 for Aaron Spelling, a television producer. The sheer size of this structure raised eyebrows of people wondering about the bragging factor of the rich and famous. Many thought it was too “in your face” about being well known and wealthy. Aside from housing 123 rooms, this home also featured three gift wrapping rooms, a screening room, a gym, a bowling alley, tennis courts and a pool. Vehicles were not forgotten. There are four two car garages, 16 carports and a parking lot that can hold one hundred vehicles. The structure itself covers more than 4 acres. Built in 1988 for $12 million dollars, it was listed for sale after the owner’s death for $150 million. It was purchased for $85 million making history as the most expensive listing for luxury homes in Los Angeles. Bing Crosby previously owned a home on this site before this new one was built in its place.

The Hacienda De La Paz took 17 years to fully construct. It has been listed in magazines as one of the most stunning luxury homes in Los Angeles. The design and decorating of this home is breathtaking. This 51,000 square foot mansion contains 5 floors that house a total of 9 bedrooms and 25 bathrooms. It contains an amazing Turkish Spa that is adorned with 24 karat gold tiles, fountains corbels and imported columns. The ballroom doubles as a safe room and this mansion features a chapel, a library, wine cellar and media room just to name a few. The outside area of this home is just as beautiful as the interior. Residents have a 180 degree view of Los Angeles and its beaches and its courtyard is furnished with herbs, wild flowers, orchids and trees. The entire home is houses imported decorations and custom hand painted murals. It is one of those luxury homes that must be seen firsthand to properly envision it’s beauty.

Neverland Ranch will always remain in history as one of the most fascinating properties in history. Not directly in Los Angeles, it is located close to Los Olivos, it was owned by Michael Jackson, the entertainer. It became a place of controversy and mystery. What made this residence so spectacular was the overall theme of the ranch. Named after the classic Peter Pan story, Michael Jackson created a private amusement park. It contained a steam locomotive, various rides, a petting zoo, roller coasters and an arcade. There was also a 10,000 volume library with books that focused on the arts. This 3000 acre site closed in 2006 but remained in the hands of the owner and his company. As of this year, the children of the late singer have been restoring the ranch back to it’s previous state with plans to reopen it again for children to enjoy. This story as well as other’s about luxury homes in Los Angeles show what imagination and creativity can do when it comes to owning a residence.

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