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Tokyo – A Must Visit for Holiday Goers

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In the year 1868 Tokyo was made the capital city of Japan. As the largest city in the world, Tokyo spans over 2000 sq. kms. What few people know is that Tokyo is made up of 26 cities, 5 towns and 8 villages. It is not a single city. It is a booming metropolis and contains 23 wards. A good few of the most popular sights are located in these 23 wards. Generally considered a safe city, one can walk around even at night without fear. One does not really need to know Japanese when contemplating flights to Tokyo. However the words ‘ken’ and ‘to’ might be useful to know. When the locals talk about Tokyo, they refer to it as ‘to’, a word also used when referring to a metropolis.

Tokyo combines the best of tradition and innovation, from the traditional temples to the latest shopping trends. Tokyo’s Shinjuko area has several expensive camera shops; skyscraper luxury hotels and a throbbing nightlife can also be found in Shinjuko. Other places of interest are Rippongi, another area known for its nightclubs; Minato, a commercial and business center; Akihabara is a located in Chiyoda, housing shops devoted to electronics and technology; Parliament and the Imperial Palace are also located in Nagatacho also in the Chiyoda district. A treat for teenagers would be Shibuiya which is a high fashion shopping district.

Tokyo’s older part has a great cultural heritage and several traditional buildings. The famous Museums of Ueno and the Asakusa Temple can be found in the heart of old Tokyo in the Bunkyo and Taito districts. The Edo-Tokyo Museum in Sumida which is also a popular place to visit; tournaments featuring sumo wrestlers are held in Sumida. Tokyo is also home to many parks, the more well known one being the Inokashiro Park or the Imperial Palace East Gardens – where the famous cherry blossom trees can hypnotize you in Spring. Nothing stands still in Tokyo – it has a bustling and fast moving pace – the blinking neon lights, and latest in the computer world acting like a drug on the hoards of people thronging the city.

Details of flights to Tokyo can be downloaded online. Tokyo is a vibrant modern city which still clings to its old traditions and culture. The attractions Tokyo has to offer are many and interesting. Surely visiting the ‘largest city in the world’ would be something to boast about.

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