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Online Solution for Big Ocean Freight Audits form the leader

by dormatwalls

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Audit may be defined as the correction or adjustments of accounts, a
verified and examined account, or the study of records for checking the
accuracy of the financial accounts. The person who is the in charge of
the verification, adjustment, examination of the freight bills for
better accuracy, is known as the freight audit
vendor. Therefore this is a process of adjusting, examining or
verifying the freight bills to make them accurate.
Ocean freight may be defined as the cost of transportation of goods
from one to another country by water transportation. This is also known
as Sea freight and is dependent on the weight, risk and distance
Now days the amount of invoicing for container shipping is found to be
inaccurate at large rates due to the huge volatility of the ocean
freight. At an average 1 invoice is found to be incorrect in every 10
of the invoices. For this it is crating leakage of revenue at large

Now we are the company providing you the solution for the problem
created due to ocean audit and we promise you for the refund. We are
the only company around the globe providing you cent percent ocean
auditing having offices in the Europe and USA. With an experience of
almost 20 years, we have now a huge leading supply chain with a lot of
clients from around the globe. We have achieved this success level by
supporting our clients with our rigorous service of ocean auditing with
a potential which can identify the wrong invoicing procedures. We
rather lead our clients for secure and better invoice procedures with
efficient auditing.
We are a specialized online company providing Freight bill auditing
world at interesting rates. With the help of proprietary process for
evaluating historic invoices we are expert in correct the incorrect
invoices. You can easily judge about your refund if you just look at
our commitment, background and other know-how of our company. For the
last two decades we are now working with thousands of rate agreements
and service contracts every year with a great success rate. With 11
companies from the Fortune 100, we have so many number of international
clients in our prestigious list. We provide our customers 100% free
service for sea freight services if he does not get any refund from his
investment. We focus on securing the major refunds of our client’s sea
freight invoices and that has helped us in our client service very
much. We hold an aim for providing sea freight, which is to return the
hard earned money to the client who actually own that. Depending on the
volume of your business we can help you to finish your standard audit
within 45 days time period.

The best Ocean freight
rates provider in the market understands the about your business
process very well. We focus on overseeing the whole process of
auditing. The phase of set up may take less than time of four hours and
we need no paper documents from you to execute the process. We will
present the result to you within one hour or also can present that to
the vendor of freight directly.

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