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SEO is a marketing technique that practically very dominant at this time to attract a buyer. SEO is a way for our website at the top of the search page in search engines like google, bing, etc. for example, just when you open then you type “Sell Cheap Shirt”, what happened?? there are many websites will not? The first time you see and chances are that you click on the first page. therefore, there are SEO services to make your web page is one of the first for the keywords in the set yourself.

Our initial stand saalinknetwork, he has no customers. her promotion in various forums on the internet, it was very tiring, but no result. open forums every day one at a time, really very tiring. then he tried to use SEO techniques to his campaign website, he's using the keyword "pulsa murah" for the target when the website was on the first page, at the middle of the night suddenly there is any member registration confirmation, and it goes on every day there are more members and more members, after which he began to stop promsi via forums. it is still only many members of new members came to be his agent. he concluded that they came from looking for servers with cheap prices, they go to google by typing in “pulsa murah”, and then clicking his website. So, nearly 4,000 members registered from website via google with SEO. He uses SEO Services or Jasa SEO of Zeromediasystem. They are on of SEO Services provider in Indonesia.

That is the greatness of SEO, can increase your turnover many-fold. me just how you manage your customers. but you need to be careful too. not all websites are safe in SEO, SEO website which will have 2 chances on his website.

First, the website will be visited by customers and turnover also rose. This is a nice side effect of SEO

second, the website disappeared from circulation, maksutnya website in various search engines do not appear at all, it can be notarized bad side effects, or SEO which failed.

therefore be careful in choosing the right seo services.

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