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Website Maintenance Company

by vipinbisht

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Welcome to Lcs Infotech

LCS  Infotech is a Professional Web Design & Development Company based in New Delhi, India. Our aim is to combine quality web design with offshore development in order to provide online solutions for companies of all sizes. We develop any website with confidence so that we can assist you by providing best solution for your all complex problems. As we easily recognize the challenges that a small startup companies can experience and put in place a number of solutions to help them. We have a number of modules, integrations and supporting services that assist online retailers ensure efficient operation of their businesses on all levels. Our skilled and qualified development team has the expertise and experience of designing and developing different kinds of websites.

Website Maintainence

As we know very well, recently websites are not only the best marketing tools but also a medium of doing business for our companies. These websites are playing a very important role in our day to day business, and hence it is necessary to keep them alive. Website development is a very critical part, but website maintenance is also very crucial to keep your website in existence.  Business is always very dynamic. The products and services keep on changing as per the business growth. Our website becomes scrap after a decade, and so there is a need for website maintenance. Website maintenance involves making changes to a website on a regular interval or on a scheduled period.  Website maintenance includes revising, editing text, photos, services, products or changing existing web pages to keep your website up to date. It is very important to keep your website updated with new content, service or products offered, information, new promotional schemes, etc., otherwise visitors will lose interest in your website. Website maintenance also includes repairing the sections which have stopped working properly. For example, links, graphics images and basic HTML pages can also get corrupted and require maintenance. 

Details which need to be maintained on a regular basis are:

Website updation
It includes the following functions:

Content should always be fresh. The conversation and addition of website contents is very crucial.

Addition and modification of images is also critical as the visitors get bored on viewing the same images.

Announcements, articles, information or promotional activities should also get updated.

Web pages addition or updation can be done.

Newsletter and email list maintenance.

Shopping cart products or services updates.

PDF creation and uploading.


Secure & Protect: Your site protection and security also needs to get updated on a regular basis. 
Server side programming used for form processing, database management, search and display functions, shopping carts, etc., require regular updation to implement fixes for security holes discovered on a periodical basis.
Seasonal Updates: Latest date and seasonal offers have to be updated. 
Contact Details: Changes in office location, phone number and email address have to be updated.
Re-structure: With the help of analysis we can get the necessary data, such as number of visitors to your site, and the most favorite category of your visitor. With these data a website developer can redesign your website to increase your business growth.

Contact info :-


T6 Anupam Plaza, 3rd Floor, IIT Crossing 
Aurobindo Marg, Hauz Khas 
New Delhi-110 016 INDIA 
Tel:- +91-11-26967000


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