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The Advantages of Using a Home Ultrasound Machine

by homeultrasound02

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Ultrasound therapy machines are often used by physical therapists on patients suffering from a wide variety of health conditions, particularly chronic pain. However, many Americans who suffer from these disorders are unable to afford regular ultrasound therapy treatments. In fact, many of chronic pain sufferers find the combination of prescribed medications and doctor visits just too expensive. Fortunately, therapeutic ultrasound is now more accessible with the increased availability of home ultrasound machines.

These portable ultrasound machine devices are lightweight—These are not the large units found in hospitals, clinics, and physical therapy offices. A high quality portable machine has a number of advantages over other types of pain management methods.

Ultrasound Machine for Home Use vs. Pain Medications and Drugs

Most pain management medications come with side effects. Even over-the-counter drugs can cause allergic reactions and increased risk of heart attack or stroke.  Prolonged used of these over-the-counter medicines can even cause stomach ulcers, kidney problems, or liver damage. Prescription pain medicines, particularly of the opiate family, can cause drug dependency, where your body begins to expect receiving the medicine after continuous use. Besides these negative side effects, medications taken for chronic pain conditions can be very expensive—Many people spend thousands of dollars per year just to cope up with pain.

On the other hand, a high quality home ultrasound unit has no documented side effects. The medical community has been using ultrasound therapy for more than 60 years, and it has not been shown to be habit-forming or interact with any medications. After making a one-time investment in a quality ultrasound machine, your need for expensive pain medications may be eliminated.

Ultrasound Machine for Home Use vs. Physical Therapy Sessions

Physical therapy sessions for the treatment and management of chronic pain can be quite expensive, paying for the services of the health care professional and paying for transportation to and from office visits. When you combine the physical therapist’s fees with the other associated expenses of having to deal with chronic pain, you could be spending thousands of dollars every year to deal with chronic pain.

Save yourself from frequent visits to the physical therapist. Save yourself from taking large doses of pain meds. Make a one-time investment in your own portable ultrasound machine. After using the machine for several sessions, you’ll experience savings and pain-free comfort. Make sure that you are purchasing a home ultrasound machine from a reliable and trustworthy source.  You’ll find high-quality portable ultrasound devices at, the online home for EZUltrasound.

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