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Why Proper Maintenance Of Sterling Roofing and Siding System

by willenefagen

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Sterling, Virginia is a picturesque town with a climate milder than the rest of the United States. Yet winters in Sterling typically bring in heavy snow, while frequent rainfall is a feature of the place. These, combined with the occasionally severe weather conditions, provide enough reasons for residents to engage in regular home improvement works.

Roofing Improvement

The high precipitation rate in Sterling can damage roofs that lack proper and regular maintenance. The best way to protect your roof is to hire reliable Sterling roofing contractors and work out a maintenance schedule with them. An annual professional inspection is the first step to ensuring that your roof stays in great condition throughout its service life.

It is also advisable to conduct regular, albeit basic, inspections of your roofing system on your own. You can watch out for signs of leaks and wear which, when left unfixed, could lead to more serious damage. Be on the lookout for dark spots on the ceiling, and around the chimney and vents, which may indicate the build up of water on certain parts of the roof.

You also need to be on alert against missing or damaged shingles, as well as the accumulation of debris and leaves on your roof. If you're confident enough, and if your roof doesn't have a steep pitch, you may replace missing or damaged shingles on your own. Otherwise, it would probably be best to leave maintenance and cleaning tasks in the hands of a professional roofer.

Siding Improvement

Aside from looking after your roof, it is also important to observe a regular maintenance system for home sidings as they, too, are constantly exposed to the elements. Sidings protect your home from strong rains and winds, as well as help provide optimum insulation. Sidings are also highly visible parts of your home that contribute greatly to your property's beauty and resale value.

Typically, Sterling siding systems can last for around 10 to 15 years, although some parts may need to be replaced regularly to maintain proper functionality. Likewise, changing the siding is a good way to give your home a quick makeover, and improve its curb appeal. To learn more about quality roofing and siding choices, visit

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