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How much is a tubal reversal?

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Tubal reanastomosis or tubal ligation surgery is one effective and efficient operation which has been performed from last 27 years. Its results show successful reports to the patient to perform it in many ways. Dr. Morice is most experienced physician and tubal reversal surgeon in the Morgan City, USA. He is best skilled in the use of micro-surgical instruments and performs slight operation extremely. We provide the best way to perform surgical operation and structure which is commonly used in the eye surgery.

Although it would be believe very important to the women after successful completion process of surgery, they will no need to investigation about surgery because we provide the positive and successful rate of pregnancy. After the surgery mostly patients ask as what are the pregnancy rates and how long will it take time required to heal. If the patient become pregnant and contact to surgeon, they provide best solution of two to three weeks for rest.

The Atchafalaya Tubal Reversal Center is the one leading tubal ligation reversal center in the Morgan, USA. In fact, it is very well clinic which is providing his best services in Tubal reversal surgery with high qualified staff in all over the world for women and couples whose travel from out of country for their treatment in the Morgan.

However, the patients who are older than 35 years, we don’t recommend Tubal Ligation Surgery but may be encouraged to undergo IVF (In Vitro Fertilization). Age is very successful factor for tubal reversal surgery. Mostly, it is suggest to the younger women who can attempt natural intercourse cycles after the Tubal Ligation Surgery. The success of tubal sterilization surgery depends upon some specific factors. One of the most important is amount of fallopian tube left behind after the Ligation surgery process. If it represents at least four centimeters then pregnancy is more chances to occur.

Next, Dr. Morice is the physiologist and specialist with his experience who dedication to maintain your health and get successful pregnancy rates that no shortcuts are made! Our center provides the best facilities of staff, instruments and materials which are used in every tubal ligation reversal procedure to achieve best and fantastic result possible.

 Tubal reversal surgery presents 99.9% chance with a high risk of pregnancy as compared to IVF. Frequently, surgery and medicines saves the fallopian tube and help to make the verdict about test and ultrasound.


Furthermore, you can contact our dedicated professional staff on the message board and ask question. You can learn more about tubal ligation reversal surgery procedure because this leads you to get your desired dreams in true. To learn a tubal surgeon visit:

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