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Concrete Contractors Fort Worth

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The pro, or pros, customer hire depends on the contractor’s range of services and on the needs of the project. For example, let’s say that the driveway is so terrible that you can’t bear to look at it anymore. Customer not only want a new slab, customer want earth- tone concrete with a stamped finish so the whole driveway looks like adobe pavers (cat the hearts out, Joneses). Some concrete companies in the area may be able to take care of everything; others will have more experience with the demolition and excavation but may not have a crew that can handle the skilled finish work. First determine what customer need done, then call around and discuss the goals with different companies. Compare the costs (and hassles) of hiring different contractors for different steps as opposed to going with one full-service outfit. Here is a brief glossary to help customer make sense of the advertisements and websites of concrete contractors Fort Worth.


 Flatwork is generally includes all flat-surface structures, such as driveways, walks, garage slabs, and patios. Sometimes the term is used to distinguish smooth-finished slabs (as in garage or basement floors) from rough-textured surfaces like driveways. Stamped is a decorative finish treatment created by stamping wet concrete with special tools to mimic the look of tile, brick, or stone. Stamped surfaces may also be colored to enhance the illusion. Staining is an applying an acid-based or other permanent chemical stain for decorative coloring of the concrete surface. Both fiat and stamped slabs may be stained for a range of decorative effect.


Pros use a variety of techniques to color poured concrete. Tint can be added to the wet mix for consistent, through-depth color. Powdered pigments may be applied at different stages of the finishing process for a weathered or aged appearance. On cured concrete, staining is the coloring technique of choice. Overlay is resurfacing of damaged-but structurally sound-concrete slabs with a thin layer of new wet concrete. Overlays start at about in thickness and can receive a decorative or standard finish. Footing (or footer) is a broad, flat curb of concrete used to support vertical structures, like foundation walls. Piers are round or square columns or pads of concrete for supporting deck posts or structural columns in a home. Exposed aggregate is a concrete finish with small stones exposed at the surface. Specialty structures may include: full-height boundary walls, low patio walls, retaining walls, and mower strips (bordering grassy areas). It is important to hire the best concrete contractors Fort Worth to get the best service.


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