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Several Benefits of Enterprise Resource Planning System

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With the increase in competition in the market, the need to manage resources better, lower operational costs and increase customer satisfaction has gone up. Enterprise resource planning software solutions help a company achieve these objectives.

Enterprise resource planning is a software that allows a business to use integrated applications to manage its functions. It helps to integrate various resources such as finance, human resource, production etc. into a single software solution. It aims to track information and to create a shared database across multiple units of a business. The overall object is to synchronize the flow of information and thus improve processes and business performance.

Benefits of Enterprise resource planning

Inventory management: ERP systems enhance inventory management processes. It reduces inventory wastages and thus saves costs. It also lets companies employ less manpower to handle its inventory, thus again letting it save costs in managing its inventory. Costs incurred for labor, materials and equipments are further saved because of this system.

Can manage entire business: With an ERP system, whole business can be managed. It allows businesses to adapt to market changes faster and more effectively, and also lets them to access up to date information for an accurate decision making.

Better customer service: ERP systems also lead to better customer service. Customer service depends on understanding the nature and need of customers. Analyzing customers buying patterns are important in order to respond to them effectively. Customer buying pattern can be analyzed quickly and more accurately with ERP software implementation, which paves way for better management of a customer's order.

Allows for more efficient use of company resources: Since this system paves way for integration of different data systems into one system, it allows for centralized data sharing across different departments of an organization. This leads to quicker data sharing, reduced processing times and better and accurate collection of information.

Better sales planning: ERP system provides for better sales planning. Not only does it lets a company quote competitively but also manage its sales better. It manages sales by

  • Reducing delivery time
  • Increasing quality
  • Improving customer satisfaction.
  • Forecasting and tracking requirements
  • Consolidating picture of sales
  • Managing inventory

With enterprise resource planning, a company can calculate its raw material and overhead costs, and thus quote more competitive figures in the market.

From better resource management to increased productivity, reduced labor costs and higher profits, Enterprise resource planning system promises several benefits.


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