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What Can I Do with an Online Finance Degree?

by studyabroad

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Are you currently working in a boring occupation, one that offers few challenges and very little room for advancement?  Have you ever considered what you could do with an online finance degree?  Throughout the years, finance has consistently been ranked as one of the top degrees in terms of career outlook and financial opportunity, largely because there are so many industries in need of the services of those who graduate.  In this article we will outline some of these exciting career opportunities and show you how an online finance degree—a degree earned from home, working at your own pace—can help you become a major player in these opportunities and potentially revamp your career.

Online Finance Degree:  What Are the Career Opportunities?

With the right training and experience, those who obtain an online finance degree can expect a very bright future, with many opportunities.  Finance majors are needed to ensure the smooth business operations in a variety of private industries, and also to oversee the finances in many government agencies and non-profit corporations throughout the country.   Below are just a few occupations and industries where an online finance degree can come in very handy:

  • Real Estate.  Showing houses is only a small part of the real estate game.  Real estate agents also need to possess the skills and ability to construct complicated financial deals and loan structures in order to work with banks and lenders on behalf of their clients.  With an online finance degree you’ll be well-versed in how mortgage loans are structured, making you a hot commodity in the real estate occupation after graduation.
  • Insurance.  If you think about it, the insurance business is directly related to the field of finance.  Insurance companies use actuaries to determine potential risks, and base their premiums on the resultant figures.  Finance majors can serve a very important role in the insurance business as they are thoroughly trained in this area.
  • Banking.  It’s no surprise that banking is on this list, as most banks require their employees, especially employees at the management level, to possess at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance.
  • Auditor.  An online finance degree can be the key you need to unlock opportunities as an auditor.  Auditors are experts in researching financial irregularities with regard to taxes and are very sought after in a variety of industries, including banking, education and healthcare.
  • Money Management.  A money manager essentially helps businesses, families and individuals make the most of their money by investing that money in stocks, bonds, mutual funds and securities.
  • Loan Officer.  With an online finance degree your services will be needed to secure low-risk loans of all types, develop the terms for those loans based on the potential risk to the lending institution and oversee those loans through maturity.

With all the opportunities afforded you with an online degree in finance you can literally pursue the career of your choice anywhere in the country.  Whether your goal is to become a small town bank manager, a mid-level real estate agent or the manager of a huge Wall Street hedge fund, an online finance degree can be your ticket to getting there.


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