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Can You Get Tubal Reversal for Free?

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The cost of tubal ligation surgery at The Atchafalaya Tubal Reversal Center is effective, reliable and lower compare to other clinics. This opportunity is only for those patients who want to achieve higher pregnancy rate of success and don not have any further medical intervention for another pregnancy. Tubal ligation reversal offers a lot of chances for victorious pregnancy. There are some microsurgical doctors that are very expensive and do charge very high cost for the tubal ligation. As compare to others, our cost is standardize and minimum by elimination unnecessary cost of hospitalization. 

One of the most important thing to remember that the prices for may be lower after adding in the price of the anesthesiologist and The Atchafalaya Tubal Reversal Center stay. In general, good patients and candidates are women for tubal reversal surgery who had only small fallopian tubes removed whose tubes were closed by using clips. You can consult our expert surgeon doctors and nurses for taking decision about sterilization. They are highly skilled surgeons who are dedicated to performing tubal ligation surgery. Cost has managed with the patients expectations so that they can pay easily to take big advantage. Everything is included in the tubal ligation surgery such as:

  1. Microsurgical doctor’s fee
  2. Anesthesia fee
  3. Surgical suite
  4. Operating facilities
  5. Weekly report by follow up care
  6. Tubal reversal surgery

If the insurance company covers all cost of surgery, please be sure that they will send you the reimbursement check directly.  The insurance code procedure ICD-9 = 628.2 and CPT = 58750 for bilateral tubal occlusion. There is pre-authorization that may be required to you by the insurance company policies and they will be responsible of the patient fee. Total cost for tubal ligation reversal surgery is only $5,250. Since our standard and discount fees are:

  • Schedule your appointment fee $500 (non-refundable)
  • Remaining fee before surgery $4750

You can pay fee by credit card, transfer bank to bank and sending a check to payable The Atchafalaya Tubal Reversal Center.

Tubal sterilization offers of opportunity for successful pregnancy by Dr. Morice. We are providing all facilities of the surgery which are not so expensive and can fulfill your needs and eliminate the unnecessary costs.

Our all-inclusive cost with guarantee with successful in opening your fallopian tubes after sterilization reversal with this Center. We are only one in all over the world centers that are performing high quality sterilization in very low cost.

To see the statistics, browse our website:  You will see that the cost of the surgery is very low and affordable for your tubal reversal surgery. To learn more about Dr. Morice who is doing hundreds of tubal ligation reversal surgeries every year, feel free to contact our staff.   

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