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Server Products are Helpful in Server Migration Process

by swethar

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Server Products are Helpful in Server Migration Process

With the advancement of technology in different parts of the world, professionals belonging to IT sector have succeeded to introduce an innovative method of Server migration. Server migration process done with the help of suitable server products involves the transfer of data between two different servers. Professionals need to do this activity either due to the replacement of equipment or for any other strong reason. Moreover, professionals performed this step with the help of specialists, working specifically with servers. During the process of migration, people fail to access any data for a temporary period.

Preliminary Steps Related to Server Migration Process

Before any of the business owners’ step forward to the server migration process, they need to follow some necessary initial steps to get success in the business and expect good results.

Preparation of DNS                                                                          

Whenever you look for shifting of your site or sites to any new server, you will likely receive IP addresses.

Tuning of the server

Now, you need to check for the file system and ensure and become confident that you have set up accurate partitions according to your need. At the same time, you should step for setting up RAID based on your needs.

Server Migration Plan and Procedure

Before you should step forward for server migration, you need to map out a suitable plan for doing the exact migration process. In this case, responsible personnel have to reformat the available data with the prime objective to make them easily accessible within the new server or to take some other effective steps for facilitating for the smooth migration process. Furthermore, you need to backup the available data in case of causing any type of glitch associated with the server migration process. Other than this, you need to make plans to make sure about security of available data in between the transition process.

Whenever you choose for data migration process in between two similar server products responsible for operating the server management system, the process does not need any kind of adjustment. Instead, it becomes a straightforward process. On the other side, if you choose for migration of data in between two different types of servers, you should definitely make sure about the reformation of available data. Once you complete the job of moving data, you should proceed for verification process to confirm its intactness and parts free from all types of corruptions at the time of the data transfer process. Hence, in this way, you can easily complete the process of server migration and activate your new server.

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