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Hidden camera helped them to prank

by spygadgetonline

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Prank 1

The scene is a crockery shop. The clock is showing 10:00 now (mischievous clock). The owner is anxiously waiting for a customer to step in (mischievous owner). Yes, someone has entered. It is a guy (looks like 28 or something ah ... don't know). He looks kind of reserved (can he digest the mischievousness?). The guy is looking for a dinner set. He moves closer to the rack that has the best crockery sets. He asks the rate for those sets. The owner gives the false rate (lower than the real one). It tempts the guy and he puts a hand on a set. And, the rack falls. Apparently all the crockery wares break into pieces. The next thing the guy comes to know is that some rough and tough guards have surrounded him. They allege him for the casualty and demand a payout. That terrifies the guy to his core. The owner told the guy that they are fooling him. The clock had a hidden camera fitted in it.

Well, the television industry uses hidden camera gadgets to create such funny moments for viewers.

Prank 2

The scene is a cuisine (hey, did that rhyme?). A guy (with an intellectual look) is sitting on a table. He has a pen and a paper near him (wicked pen). Facing him on the next table is a demure looking girl (age ah ... sorry unveiling that will come under bad manners). The guy is drawing something on his paper. He keeps looking at the girl intermittently. A feeling occurs to the girl when she notices this guy's weird behavior. Somehow she gets confirmed that he is painting her portrait. So she does some preening and adjusts her posture. The guy frowned at her. She realized that he does not like her current posture. So she makes it more sultry by leaning back a little. The guy smiles and continues with his art (prestigious and mischievous art).

Five hours have passed and the girl still retains her posture (her back has started aching badly). Suddenly the guy gets up to leave the cuisine. Alas! He didn't give me my portrait. Probably that is the thought dancing in the girl's head. The disgruntled girl demands her portrait from the guy. The guy said that he was not making any portrait. He said that he was doing some project work. The disgruntled expression becomes large. Yes, large enough for the nanny camera lens. The guy laughs and apologizes to the girl saying that he was playing a joke on her. He showed the video recording gadget fitted in his Parker Pen.

Well, one can prank like that if he has a good quality nanny camera.

Spy cam gadget does create such funny and lively moments for people. If one is mischievous he can gratify is his playful desires by using a Spy cam gadget. However, one has to have that playful and smart instinct for engendering such laughable moments.

Apologies for use of too many parenthesis used in the writing piece. Couldn't control the author instincts.Get more information about hidden camera on

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