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Shopping in the Streets of Beijing, China

by luciezhang

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China is one of the biggest countries in the world. With is wide array of land and rich cultural heritage, you can enjoy sight-seeing and other wondrous scenery. However, with the influences of modern setting, there are a lot of changes appearing the land. But some parts of China still reframe and maintain these. In fact, it is also known for the magnificent technique of decorating metalwork object called "Cloisonné". Cloisonné is a rather elaborate and complex piece of work, and China is famous of doing it dates back to 500 years ago. If one would ever be in China, which is pretty large for it covers a whooping 9,560,990 sq. km. what would you do to economize your time? Here's one of the simple solution. How about we concentrate on the busiest part of China! Well, it's none other than the capital itself, Beijing.

Beijing, the capital of China, formerly known as "Peiping". It is also one of the routes of the silk road from the olden times. And talking about silk road, the closest thing that rings the bell among the streets of Beijing is the Xiushui Street. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Beijing. For it attracts domestic as well as foreign tourists with commodities at a cheap price. It is several hundred meters long and is known as the Leading Foreign Trade Market. Looking back to its history, it originated in 1982 when a group of ambitious youth started their business at Silk Easter Road, Beijing. Then as time went by, it became a popular place for selling a popular type of silk, otherwise known as the Xiushui Silk which rose to popularity because of its reasonable price. Yet, because of the illegal trades occur in this street, it was torn down and replace with a building built next to the original place with the building area of 28,000 sq. m, and a capacity of a thousand stalls. But the tour doesn't end here because next we would go to the "number one choice" street market of the shoppers.

Wangfujing, a 700-year old commercial street in Beijing is known for being the number one choice of the shoppers. It is acknowledged as largest and most fashionable one-stop shopping center in Beijing, with a whole measurement of 1.5 kilometers, running North/South between Nankou and the Sun Dong an Plaza. Also, other than being the most fashionable street in street in Beijing, China. Wangfujing is also known for: traditional cuisines, large hotels, traditional and specialty shops which is open till around 9 pm but sometimes there is an impromptu all nighter. Because of these, Wangfujing gained the title of being the sister street of Champs Élysées in France. But before we put our tour to end, it would not be complete if we don't visit the birthplace of most time-honored domestic brands and products in China.

Qianmen Commercial Street is a narrow street which is only 300 meters long. As expected, it is crowded with stalls, and shoppers; looking for amazing-time honored shops conceded down from generations to generations. As the original of countless hour-honored domestic trademarks such as Peking Roast Duck of Quanjude and the famous China Bookstore especially Qianmen Street has long been the commercial hub of the capital. And to count, there are 60 shops operating in the ambler street since it reopened to travelers in August, 2008. Also, more than of the streets 20 stores are international ones, adding essence to the historical spot. For this, Qianmen Street is considered one of the most popular sites in Beijing.

So our short tour and at the same time introduction ended here. But it doesn't mean it ends for you. If we just opened our sense to new things, e would see that there are a lot more than that and this. And for all we know, China will continue to go and produce thing for people and the economy.

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