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Formula One Events - A Memorable Day

by anonymous

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Formula One motor racing is without a doubt one of the most exceptional motor sports. Every year hundreds of thousands of individuals follow the event. The race is sponsored by a bunch of huge business names bringing in unparalleled amounts of cash. Although Formula 1 takes place around the world, there are a lot more racing in Europe than on other continents. The most popular European events are held in Spain, Germany and Britain. Non-European events are held in Korea, America, the UAE, Canada, China, Australia and Korea. Some of the major name car manufactures that contend to secure this esteemed competition include BMW, the Mclaren team and Ferrari.



Only the premier drivers around the globe have any hope of entering the Formula One..The Formula one drivers who win the racing will win and go on to earn huge amounts of cash. On the other hand, this does not come rapidly; that level of accomplishment is only attained after many years of intensive and tough work. Men who are for the most part taking part in Formula 1 have remarkable driving capabilities; to become the number one in the world you really need to be an outstanding driver. But beside technique you also have to drive for a top team such as Ferrari or Renault. 


There is without doubt that Formula One is one of the most popular sports events of the year, and each year we see fresh driving talent arriving on the scene. just about everyone knows the name of at least on F1 racer, such as Michael Schumacher, Alain Prost or Damon Hill. Topmost drivers go on to become household names.


The Formula 1 races are held in a few of the most advanced and fashionable cites around the globe. These consist of Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Monte Carlo and Barcelona. If you wish to watch the GP motor racing in style, the topmost level way is to obtain an entrance pass to the Paddock Club Association. The Paddock Club Association is truly the only VIP best seats area to see the races at the vast majority of the F1 tracks. From any of the F1 Paddock, irrespective of the venue, you will have first rate views of the racing and 5-star service for eating and drinks. The Paddock Club Association has air conditioning, sizable balconies with a bird's eye view, and super huge television screens, so you do not miss out on any of the motor racing action. Nevertheless, you will want to be aware that spots are limited in the F1 Paddock Club Association, so you really need to book early to avoid disappointment. The Paddock Club Association offers fans with the best Formula 1 experience.

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