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Custom FileMaker Solutions power Online business boom

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With rapid advancement in web application development technologies, it has become essential for each organization to switch to the latest frameworks, tools and databases. Many companies are also using cross-platform relational database applications to impress users by providing the most relevant, updated and dynamic data. Based on the nature and type of your business, you have options to choose from a wide variety of database applications. Each application will also claim to make your business processes simple, fast and easy. But most of these applications are not customized to suit the specific needs of your organization.

Since its release in April 2012, FileMaker 12 is being used widely by the small, medium and large businesses. Along with the conventional businesses, FileMaker has also been effective in boosting the performance and efficiency of a variety of online businesses. The database application comes with a comprehensive set of desktop and server software that makes it easier for a business to design, build and deploy data-driven business solutions. Also, the application can be customized to run on a variety of web browsers; operating systems including Windows and Mac; and mobile devices like iPhone and iPad.

According to a report posted on, “Forrester Consulting examined the total economic impact and potential return on investment (ROI) that can be achievable by developing custom solutions for iPad and iPhone using the FileMaker Platform. Forrester’s interviews with customer’s application development team showed that financial benefits from the FileMaker solutions surpassed costs three months after creation, and two-year ROI of 289%.” The results clearly indicate how a business can use custom FileMaker application to simplify its work processes, along with optimizing productivity and revenues.

Why Custom FileMaker Application Development can Optimize Online Business Process?

1. Designed to Fit Your Business Model: The products or services offered by each online business differ from others. Also, the communication systems and business processes of each business are customized to meet specific requirements. The conventional database applications often fail to meet the specific requirements of an organization. On the other hand, the FileMaker applications can be easily customized to suit the business model and processes of your company. Also, you can easily design, develop and manage the custom solutions in an easy and hassle-free way.

2. Making Web Applications Interactive and Engaging: The frequent changes the choices of users have made it essential for each online business to make their website more interactive and engaging. So all organizations look for the most advanced options to make and deploy data-driven business solutions. As a cross-platform relational database application, FileMaker allows users to boost the performance of their websites by using the latest and updated data. The features to store, manage and retrieve data easily help in making your website more interactive and engaging. The improved user experience will further contribute towards the growth of online business and revenue.

3. Easy to Meet the User Choices: No business can influence the choices, preferences and habits of users. Most companies often struggle to meet the latest trends in user demand. As you can never decide the web browser, operating system or device used by your customers, it becomes important to choose a cross-platform database solution. With FileMaker, you can develop custom data-driven web applications to target major operating systems and web browser. At the same time, you also have options to use a set of specialized tools to build application to target widely used mobile devices like iPhone and iPad.

4. Smooth Communication Flow: Most companies, nowadays, work with distributed teams. So they often have to explore advanced ways to facilitate communication and interaction among the distribute team member. An efficient communication system makes it easier for a business to easily share the latest information and data with its distributed team. At the same time, you can further reduce errors by allowing the team members to enter data on the spot using their mobile devices. With FileMaker solutions, you can easily share all types of data with your team, along with allowing them to enter new data on the go using their iPhone or iPad. The new information can be synchronized with the back-end systems immediately, while boosting your team’s efficiency and productivity.

5. Reduced Overheads: Often organizations hesitate to migrate to a new database system due to additional cost. Unlike conventional database systems, FileMaker allows users to avail a number of advantages without investing a lot of money. You can FileMaker software license to develop a variety of applications without paying hefty fees. Also, the migration to FileMaker solutions will not require you to invest in expensive hardware. Simply by following a set of easy steps and instructions, you can easily migrate to the latest version of FileMaker, and avail its advanced features and functionality.

A company has several options to develop customized FileMaker solutions. Along with buying customized solutions offered by third-party vendors, it can also hire an experienced FileMaker developer to build solutions that perfectly complement its business model and work process.

We provide FileMaker database development services. If you would like to talk to one of our FileMaker certified developers, please get in touch with us at Mindfire Solutions.

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