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Rodent control is a job best left to experts with years of experience in tackling the problem and preventing it from growing out of proportions. The preventive measures and eradication techniques used by professional exterminators are safe for children and pets and the environmentally friendly chemicals used by them have been appreciated by many organizations.

Rodents can make quite a mess on the property, be it a commercial or private establishment. Due to the high breeding rate, rodents like rats, mice and squirrels can produce many off-springs in a year. This makes rodent control St Charles an all year challenge and exterminators have to devise new methods to bait and trap the rodents. Their success is directly linked to the innovations they can bring to their tried and tested methods. With years of experience, extermination agencies in St Charles have helped people get rid of rodents from their commercial and private properties. Some of the tell tale signs of rodent infestation can be droppings, squeaks, urine pools, nibble marks, etc. It is always advisable to get expert help before the problem gets out of hand.

The extermination agencies have experience in dealing with rodent infestation successfully to leave behind a clean and germ free surrounding. They specialize in following techniques:

• Preventing rodent infestation using environmentally chemicals and filling all the holes with sealants. It is always suggested that the owners should not leave food crumbs or pet food in open as it serves as a source of food for the rodents and helps in growth of their numbers

• Rodent traps can be used to bait and trap unwanted pests which can then be removed from the property

• Monthly and quarterly service plans to keep the property rodent free

Being in continuous rodent control service in St Charles for more than four decades, some of the extermination agencies have garnered a loyal customer base. The agencies involved in rodent control have a team of well trained and experienced professionals. These professional exterminators are licensed to carry and use chemicals for removal of rodents. Many of the methods followed by the agencies and the chemicals used by them are environmentally friendly and received many accolades. These chemicals are safe for use around children and pets and do not leave behind any trail or traces. Exterminators access the rodent problem carefully before providing a customized eradication program dedicated to take care of the problem at hand.

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