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What Different Settings Says about Their Owners

by rrnextrend1

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You are what you eat”, this is a common saying. It can be likened to what various items of furniture say about their owners. This is particularly evident for the furniture that is used in many business premises because it is viewed by the public. It is also evident when similar businesses that neighbor each other receive different numbers of clients. If a person were to take the time to find the reason why, apart from the level of service, the type of furniture would rank very high in their list of choices. This may not look important at first glance but if a business owner is looking to attract and keep their customers loyal, they must reinvent their furniture to create the message they want to deliver. This is important for a number of reasons.


Firstly, home or commercial furniture, once arranged, carries a certain kind of energy. This energy may feel positive and vibrant or negative and stifling depending on how different people perceive it. This may also be an unconscious reaction for most people. This may sound very new age for some people but it is good to recognize that energy is all around us and the better use we make of it, the better results we will see. For example, when arranging outdoor restaurant furniture, an artistic furniture decorator should think of things like direction of the sun and other elements. This is important in ensuring that outdoor diners, after enjoying a delicious meal, still feel energetic enough to carry on with their daily tasks in a productive manner. Poorly designed outdoors leaves people feeling drained and lethargic.


Secondly, the design of the furniture can say a lot about its owner. If the furniture is outmoded and old fashioned, depending on the establishment, it can be viewed as vintage and desirable or cheap and tacky. If the furniture is modern and trendy, it can be viewed as chic and in keeping with the latest furniture fashion. People generally expect commercial businesses to adapt to the changing trends in the market place. For example, if in some bars people prefer to remain standing while using their pub restaurant furniture then the bar owner needs to keep the seats to the periphery for those who want to sit for a while. This is because, in a bar set up, people generally tend to become more mobile as they imbibe their favorite beverages and providing seats may not add value for them.

Thirdly, people value their personal space and appreciate furniture that has been designed to give that much needed legroom. In many commercial establishments furniture tends to be crowded in a bid to use the space provided to the maximum. This can have negative side effects because it makes it impossible to maneuver and people can avoid such places even though their prices might be affordable. Furniture that ensures generous leg room to totally relax is preferred by many people today.


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