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A Range of Ladies Tennis Bags for the Fashion Conscious

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One of the essential accessories for tennis players is a good bag to carry the racquets and other gear. Today, the choice is wide for ladies tennis bags. Technically, you can find them with various features; but choosing the right bag depends on the player. Bags for amateur players will not suit the champs. Professional players go for brands; in fact, there are many players who wear only a particular brand.

A Variety of Bag Options

A tennis bag has to be chosen with care especially for high-fliers; they have to carry several racquets to the court. This means it should have many features to accommodate not only racquets but also tennis balls, clothing, personal items, towels, shoes and grips. An ideal bag should have many features including functionality and great looks. Backpacks come in different sizes but most of them hold two racquets. Professional players usually carry 6-pack Combi bags that have a compartment for two or three racquets and another one for other items. There are bigger ones with 12-packs. Some of them with a handle or sling and others have the traditional one-shoulder strap. Professionals normally buy designer bags to match their stylish apparel.

Branded Bags

There are numerous branded tennis bags for women that offer desirable options to the typical ones available. Court Couture, Cortiglia, 40 Love Couture, Traci Tennis Collection and others. Cortiglia is an Italian brand that has very good designs and features. Court Couture too has several types such as the Cassanova, Barcelona, Vintage Karisa and the leather collection. The exterior of the Cassanova has artificial pebble leather, hardware with silver accents and double shoulder straps. There are two pockets, one inside and the other outside; these are large enough to accommodate a laptop. Your water bottle can be kept in a perfectly designed pouch and cell phones, I-pods and wallets can be kept in a side pocket. When we talk of branded bags, the name of Wilson Hope cannot be forgotten as they are eco-friendly, attractive and supports charities for breast cancer.

Choosing the Right Women’s Bag

Today it is easy for tennis players to select bags as there is a wide range available; women’s tennis bags have undergone a transformation. They are not restricted in choice and do not have to stick to the old-fashioned backpacks. However, it is important that the bag has certain features that are required especially for professional players. Basically, it should have separate sections for keeping players’ outfits and other tennis supplies. Some of them have a separate compartment for shoes to avoid spreading of negative odor. Sturdy zippers can protect the main compartment. Color has taken over the fashionable tennis bags of today; you can find them in bright colors of turquoise, pink, red and leopard prints. Whichever brand or type you select, the important point is that it should fit your personal needs.

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