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The online warehouse – Perfect Solution For Data Storage

by swethar

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Just think over your whole day’s work and calculate how many papers you have used and how much space of your computer you have utilized to store your work. Well, there is no doubt that your computer usage is far more than the usage of paper. This is what we are expected to do to save paper which in turn saves our environment and in turn saves us. These days, stack of files have been replaced by a single super machine, that is, the computer and it has the critical responsibility to store all the files and folders for future use. A computer breakdown spoils all the work and may even spoil the company and individual reputation.

To save us from this trauma and crisis, what we need is a super warehouse for our supercomputer. This super tech warehouse is generally termed as tape library. It is an efficient backup system which is capable of storing immense data ranging from 20 terabytes to more than 411 petabytes. These hardware devices are made of magnetic cartridge. They are mainly used for reading and writing data, and can access ports for entering and removing tapes, mount and dismount the tape cartridge without human help. They store the data in an organized fashion and access may require a few seconds or even a few minutes.

Tape libraries are mainly of two types. Single tape devices are made keeping in mind small data backups and retrievals. These tapes require a bit of manual intervention which is, the tape needs to be changed when backup exceeds one tape. Automated tape devices can be used for huge data backups as they can work unattended, save and retrieve data without human intervention. This automated software can support multiple systems at one time across varied platforms.

Multinational companies are spread worldwide and their working population consists of both mobile and office population. Thus, data privacy is a very sensitive issue for these companies and data protection over various networks is their prime demand. These devices are cost effective and energy savers as well as they can store huge amount of data rapidly. The data compression facility enables optimum utilization of tape library as more data can be stored in less space. It is an online manager as it not only stores data but also organizes the same, which is referred to as file management. These are easily transportable for outside sharing. Thus, an efficient data storage device is the need of modern times and choosing the best is your prime concern.

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