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See Something from Pearl Jewelry

by anonymous

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Pearl is a kind of ancient organic gemstone. It comes from the pearl shellfish and pearlescent shellfish mollusks. International Gemstone Field regards pearls as the lucky stone of June and the memorial stone of 30th anniversary of the wedding. They have a bright color and elegant temperament. Pearls are the symbol of health, purity, richness and happiness and loved by people since ancient times. So is the pearl jewelry. A typhoon in 2006 was named the "pearl".

As the development of people’s living standard and cultural quality, people become more and more interested in jewelry. They appreciate them, buy them, wear them and even collect them. When they are choosing the jewelry, people are always influenced by intuitive factors, psychological factors and value factors. However, color is one of the most intuitive factors. Different colors have different meanings. But there are still some differences in the same color in different countries. But people pay more attention to the bright side of the color.  Red means health, passion and hope; yellow means warmness, brightness and energy; green means youth and vitality; orange means excitement, joy and gaudiness; light green means strength and elegance; blue means pretty and silence; gold means honor and glory; purple means noble and elegance; white means purity, coolness and holy; black means quietness and mystery… These are the most important colors. These meanings are the same as all kinds of jewelry.

Jewelry is made by natural gemstones or some other materials. But only these raw materials are far from enough. Natural gemstone without processing is not perfect. Only through people’s hands, the jewelry can be more attractive.

Nowadays, wholesale handmade jewelry is very popular. People feel like spending much more money on handmade jewelry. This kind of jewelry not only has the natural characteristics but also have some manmade characteristics. They can attract more and more people in the future with its various styles and materials. They are made into different shapes and different jewelry to cater to all kinds of tastes. For example, pearls can be made into a necklace; it also can be made into a bracelet or earrings or rings or some else. From this point, we can see that they are rally rich and varied.

This year, the series of jewelry 2013 has been shown all around us, in the daily store, in some online store and even some roadside market. They are in different fashions and varied style. Some seems like Chinese jewelry but some seems like foreign jewelry. While all of them are very beautiful.


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