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Paas Proves To Be Advantegeous

by swethar

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Platform as a service or Paas as it is popularly known is a kind of cloud based computing services. The provider offers the end user with a platform along with a solution stack as part of the service. The consumer is capable of creating his own customized software by using the libraries and various computing tools given by the provider. The storage, networks and servers that are required by the end user are also a part of the package.

The facilities are almost a Godsend for the users who do not have to purchase or manage all the hardware and software that they need. They also do not have to set up hosting facilities as everything is taken care of by this particular computing technology.

However, it is not right to hope for an uniform service from all the providers The service package varies considerably, depending on the individual vendor, although hosting the application software and providing the environment needed for deploying it are the main services that all of them provide. The cost of using the platform depends on the up gradation, scalability as well as the kind of maintenance expected by the user.

There are quite few different types of Platform as a service offered by the providers. While the stand alone services provide a more generalized development, the Add ons are more specific and provide a customization of the existing software according to individual needs. Then there is the delivery only, which provides the security but no debugging, development or testing facilities of softwares. The open platform is currently quite popular as the user is free to use any operating system, any database and any programming language to run their applications.

This platform based cloud system has been accepted well by almost all technologists due to its simplistic approach and the ease of use. It also makes away with repetitive actions which lead to wastage of time, thereby helping the developer to become even more productive. Its multiple user concept and integration with existing web services along with the standard databases also help in increasing the efficiency of the user.

The business benefits of opting for platform-based service are manifold too. The reduction in day to day cost is so enormous, that most companies do not hesitate to opt for the platform computing nowadays. The server, network bandwidth as well as the maintenance of individual softwares becomes a ting of past and most companies can afford to do away with their software maintenance team altogether.

Thus the greater capability, agility and cost cutting of Paas helps the company to get its product ready in half the time. Plus the work force can focus completely on satisfying their customers while cloud computing takes care of the initial deployment and maintenance of the middleware. A win-win situation for all, right?

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