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Tips for High Voltage Safety

by anonymous

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Exposing advice for the high voltage test for safety will not damage the equipment as long as the test is performed. Careful attention of the steps will ensure high voltage safety of both the circuitry and the technician.

Necessity of high voltage test: The principle reason that the technicians perform in order to ensure that each part of the circuit is isolated from the rest. The small defects in a circuit may not short under the normal testing but can cause catastrophic failure in the equipment. The corrosion around the conductors, small nick in the insulation, and the improper terminal spacing can be the source of the short circuit. This test of high voltage safety is different from the community test. A continuity test will ensure easy current flow. The high voltage test checks the flow of the current where it's not necessary. The high voltage pushes the system beyond the operating limits, so that the electrical leaks are found easily.

Ways to do the test safely: The equipment tested doesn't need rated in order to handle the high voltages that's used for the high voltage test as the circuit will be tested so that no voltage drop occurs across the components. You must remember that the problem is current, not the voltage and the flow of the current will be ceased if there is no voltage drop. The circuit must be studied must be studied very carefully and then broken out into networks mentally. Two or more points connected by the wires can be considered a network. If the network is tested and if it has only wires, then the voltage can be applied safely. If the network contains components, like capacitors or resistors, voltage will be applied to all the points in such a way that the voltage on the either side of the component is the equal. For high voltage safety, as long as the both sides are at high voltage, there will not be any flow of current and thus the component won't be harmed.

Use good testing equipment: Since the high voltage testing carries the potential for the damage to the equipment, one and only the high quality brands must be used for high voltage safety. Imprecise voltages can cause the current flow at the wrong time, which can destroy the components. The technicians must be well acquainted with the function of the testing equipment. Every model doesn't work the same, so you must not assume that one model operates as another one does, though they are made by the same company. Technicians must practice on the junk equipment till they have the technique down.

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