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Top Drupal Modules That Makes Life Easier for Developers

by drupalmint

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Several modules are available in Drupal to ease the development process for the developers. Regarding the matter of open-source content management systems, Drupal truly stands unique from Joomla and Wordpress, its closest contenders for a few explanations. The sites that are developed using Drupal perform well and scale excellently. This makes the developers to put up with its idiosyncrasies. Drupal modules are simple and iterative in methodology when comparing to Joomla modules and plug-ins. There are no enormous, comprehensive mega-modules in this list. In Drupal, this exactly makes a module a well known top choice. Some Drupal modules are going to be discussed here.

Backup and Migrate

Backup the website in a quick and easy way that every web developers needs. The Drupal Backup and migrate module allow the users to create scheduled backup or manual backup of the database. Restore system is available in it, so it is easy for the developers to roll back the website to the previous point.


This module allows the developers to organize the site in easy steps. The contexts are used for changing the layout of the pages. It helps you to show the block pages in the sidebar of the home page and you can change that layout of the page using this module to show up differently on blog pages. Once you utilize the module, it will be simple and easy.

Custom contextual links

Contextual links are an amazing feature in Drupal. For editing the site content, links are added to the different elements of the page. This module allows the users to add link to the context-drop down whenever they need. By using this menu, it is easy for the developers to pull up edit forms and some other management screens for doing some activities like views, nodes and comments. Adding new link to the elements are easy, also it provides an option to control the link's title, destination URL and the location to appear. It is an excellent tool to streamline the editorial navigation process and the administrative process.

Display suite

It allows you to change the page layout in a pliable manner using GUI. It gives the developers the control over order and arrangement of content on the page. In addition, it allows you to control over markup languages. Display suite is completely tested by the members and it is updated regularly to prevent cross-site scripting attacks.


It helps you to manage the files in a better way. It gives a simple to utilize WYISWYG joined experience for including any media, audio, images, video or others. The Media Library available in Drupal is not difficult to maintain.

Media Module additionally makes one common interface and framework for numerous file types. It is not necessary to create a new user interface or separate one for modules, because it makes it simple to include number of formats. You can feel an excellent experience while working with Media files. It is faster than Drupal core tools.

Other than this, many modules are available. You can choose the modules by going through the features and use it according to your needs.

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