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Know your hair products for the best results

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Hair is part of your body yet you can't say that it's an organ. Hair has no blood, it doesn't feel anything, yet it grows and grows. Hair serves no useful purpose to its owner except making him or her look good yet it can be a cause for endless worry when it's not doing alright.


Despite consisting of no more than dead protein, we give our hair such adoring care and feed it with an array of products. We use more products on our hair than we do on other parts of our bodies. To help us pamper and spoil our hair, cosmetics companies have formulated dozens of hair care products. Some companies like Moroccanoil try to be innovative by formulating their products with unique ingredients that deliver better results. Moroccanoil uses oils and minerals in its products that other companies don't and this might explain many salon owners' satisfaction with Moroccanoil products.


Hair care products can be categorized depending on how they are used. For someone not very conversant with hair care lingo, some of these products might prove to be very confusing. This is indeed why we need to shine some light on the various types of hair products. Let's begin with what we call a mousse. A mousse is a foamy product that is applied to hair to make it ‘fuller'. Women and even men with thin hair use mousses to give their hair a thicker look.


The next product is pomade. We have water-based or oil-based pomades with the former being favored because they are easier to apply and distribute more evenly. Pomade is primarily used for styling to define hair and smoothen it. It also brings a shine to the hair.


Many people are familiar with gels and in fact they are the most widely used hairstyling products. We typically apply gels when the hair is slightly damp so that it can hold properly. Gels have different ‘holding strengths' which simply refers to how well they hold the strands together. A gel with a light hold is more appropriate if you want freer, more manageable hair while a stronger hold gel is ideal when you want your hair to remain stiff.


If you want to give your hair a glossy finish, reach for a wax. Not all waxes give a glossy finish though so read the label first. Waxes are easier to work with than gels for most people but people with curly hair should use them cautiously as they have a habit of clumping curly hair. Waxes are quite versatile and can be used for various hair styles.


Gloss or hair polish is used to remove frizz and make hair slicker and smoother. It also softens and straightens hair. These are the products for you if you like slick hairdos.


Most cosmetics manufacturers including Moroccanoil have all these products. Consider you particular hair type and the style you want to wear before you settle on various hair products. Of course it pays to talk to your hair stylist too.

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