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BASEstation Fuel Truck OBC System for Secure Delivery

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During the present time, truckers are under a lot of pressure and stress to deliver their loads quickly and with minimal errors. So this is really important to utilize modern technology for truck drivers. In today’s rough economy, the focus is on efficiency and saving money. Modern technology such as fuel truck OBC system, industrial remote, GPS services and WiFi etc can dramatically increase efficiency, saving time and money. These special devices cut costs and deliver the specific product on time.

BASEstation fuel truck OBC (on board computer) is mainly used for petroleum delivery fleets. The device is designed with professional and experienced engineers. This unique device exists with the complete product reconciliation system. This is seamless, reliable interface to electronic registers. Basically, professional experts have collaborated with register manufacturers to deliver a high performance link between their register and BASEstation.

Now loading rack volumes are captured and reconciled against a detailed sales transaction record using the right database. This is really user friendly. Now a detailed delivery ticket is produced for each delivery and an electronic version of every transaction is uploaded without the help of wireless industrial remote to the back office.

BASEstation is a water resistant WinCE device that is equipped with a color touch screen display, Compact Flash, smart card, magnetic card readers and USB host or device port. Application software can be custom designed to make it adaptable to a wide variety of applications. It has an optimal internal wireless modem for HSPA or EVDO networks. So internal GPS allows BASEstation to be used for vehicle navigation, AVL and location Based Permission systems for fuel delivery security.

There are some features of BASEstation fuel truck OBC system. These are quite useful for the customers;

1. The devices are designed to be splash resistant. It’s not designed to be immersed in water.

2. The system is may not be water resistant when some of the options are specified.

3. DSP radio and wireless Modem options cannot be specified.

4. When the display is off, the unit is in idle without modem options. However, the unique idle with full backlight with GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth. There is no modem option.

5. This is absolute maximum which includes an installed modem and all peripheral devices. The actual current draw will depend on system design.

Undoubtedly, every fleet operation is different. Different trucks, different delivery procedures and different back office accounting and management tools. BASEstation customer is assigned a dedicated deployment expert to ensure the exchange of data between truck and back office is robust and usable. The professional experts have years of experience translating truck operational data to accounting and fleet management systems.

Basically the protocols are industry standard and we can interface with most back office software providers. These specialists guarantee customer specification and remain at the customer’s disposal for questions, upgrades, and troubleshooting for the life of the system. This fuel truck OBC computer interfaced to an electronic register and also to the truck additive injection system.

BASE Engineering’s BASEstation is an on board computer designed specifically for petroleum delivery fleets. Our fuel truck OBC and back office connection were designed and built by people with 33 years of experience in industrial remote control.

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