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Longsheng Favorites Things

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When visiting Longsheng for your popular China tours, you should know the following.

1. TV comes to Ping'an!

Favorite thing: As I was walking back down to the bus from Ping'an, I crossed over one of the covered bridges over a stream and on it were a couple of guys taking up around a dozen TV's to the village on yoke's across their shoulders with a boxed up TV at either end. Now TV's are pretty heavy but can you imagine taking two at once all the way up a steep narrow path? I suppose they were for a hotel for tourists to watch TV but really Ping'an is a break away from the rigors of modern day life so the TV should be banned!

2. Different Seasons, different Scenes

Favorite thing: The rice terraces look different during different seasons. When we were there, the rice grains were in the midst of turning to slight yellow...Come end October, they will all be in gold. What we can see now is mix of light green and yellow...The harvest month will have the whole terraces in shimmering gold...imagine, with the rays of the sun against picturesque! We saw a picture at our lodge in Dazhai that shows the whole rice terraces covered with snow! Yes, snow does happen in upper parts of Dazhai! If you want to see that, go during Jan/Feb (ie during the Chinese New Year) - you will be freezing. You won't see snow in PingAn - it's a bit too low for snow to stay

3. Entrance Fee to Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces

Favorite thing: When you are onboard the bus at Longsheng to either PingAn or Dazhai (popularl destination for popular China tours), the bus will stop at a depot before the village of Jinzhu (Golden River). Here, the ticket officer of Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces (Longi Titian) will collect from all foreigners a fee of 50yuan for visiting the rice terraces. This office is set up by the Tourism board. Hey, even if you look Chinese or from different part of the provinces other than those of locals in PingAn or Dazhai - you will need to pay. The officers will know who's who ..... so there's no way you can escape this fee. A ticket and a little brochure (sorry, write-up is in Chinese) will be given to you upon payment. When you enter either PingAn village or the Dazhai village, there's a gate entrance where you need to present your ticket for verification.

**Remember to bring along your ticket when you hike to/fro PingAn/Dazhai - ticket officer at each village booth will check ticket for re-entry.

4. Map of Longi Terraced Rice Fields

Favorite thing: Too bad this map does not have many places translated in English. Roughly, you can see that there are 2 main areas where you can view the Longi Terraced Rice Fields :-

1) At Ping-An which is at the lower base

2) At Dazhai, Jingkeng which is upper north of Ping-An

Map also shows you the Er Long Qiao stop (between Huanglo Yao long hair village and Shuahekou). This is the stop where roads to Ping-An and Dazhai separate.

For more via China guide.

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