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Best Herbal Supplement To Increase Semen Volume And Sperm

by lucasnaruka

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Are you looking for an herbal supplement to increase semen volume and sperm count? Well, you have come to the right place. We are here to help you find best herbal supplement to increase semen volume. Before we see suggestions for herbal supplement, let’s take a look at the importance of increasing semen volume and sperm count. First and foremost, semen volume and sperm count are not directly proportional. As good semen volume will never suggest good sperm count. What is the need for having good sperm count? When it comes to fertility, sperm count is the single most important thing. If sperm count is less than the desired value, you may not be able to become a father. There are so many childless couples out there facing this problem. 

But for a person with normal sperm count, semen volume can be an important factor when it comes to fertility. Average semen volume is 2ml. Sometimes when you have frequent love making or masturbation, the semen volume might be less. Also, sperm count could be less in that case. 1ml semen usually contains 20 million spermatozoa. In that only 75% spermatozoa is alive. Out of which, 25% is supposed to move fast. The remaining 50% moves slowly compared to the rest. This is the normal scenario of a fertile sperm. When this ratio is not present, that sperm could be infertile.

Since infertility is a reality, it is important to study the causes and the ways to prevent it. You can use herbal supplement to increase semen volume and sperm count if this problem is really bothering you. Allopathy medicines are almost ineffective when it comes to fertility treatment. Nothing works like herbal supplements. When you use an herbal supplement to increase semen volume and sperm count, you can be sure of the fact that you are not exposed to any side effects. However, before you run after remedies, you will have to find out the reasons behind this problem. If it is lifestyle induced, you can definitely change it by changing your lifestyle a bit.

As for semen volume, it gets reduced if you engage in the act without a gap. If you are especially looking forward to have a baby, you should have sex only once in three days. As 3 days gap is very good when it comes to having good semen volume. However, good semen volume is not at all an indication for good sperm count. Wearing tight pants should be avoided as heat could be dangerous to sperm count. Also, avoid having hot water bath as much as possible. Temperature is really a big problem when it comes to sperm count. Obesity is also considered to be a big reason behind low sperm count. And you should realize the importance of proper diet as well. It’s important to have nutrient food items to increase semen volume and sperm count. Stress is another big problem when it comes to low sperm count.

Once after taking care of these things, you are advised to use a herbal supplement since it’s free of side effects. We would like to suggest Spermac and Vital M-40 Capsules if you are planning to increase semen volume and sperm count in a natural and safe way.

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