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Some Information About Patent Law

by peterfarj

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A patent is nothing, but an exclusive right giving monopoly commercial use of a discovered product or service for a particular period of time. There are laws ruling patent and it has many benefits and even drawbacks as well. Even though, patents apply to processes and products introduced by an organization or an individual, it cannot provide protection to concepts and logos. The type of product introduction that can be patented is large in number and include the following:


  • Any new item

  • Any fresh manufacturing process

  • Any development made to an already existing process or product

  • Any improvements made in the field of computer technology

  • Any new chemical compositions and compounds

  • Any new process or method pertaining to the control and testing of an already existing manufacturing process


If you are intending to patent a product, you must have followed certain criteria with respect to utility, inventiveness and novelty of the product. It is essential that it should have an industrial application and should also have a non-obvious inventive step. Sometimes, there are chances that you might not get the required patent for your product and your local authority might be pointing out some reasons for not issuing the patent certificate. In such a case, you can get the help of professional law firms like Farjami LLP, who is specialized in patent, trademark and related laws.


Even before applying for patent right for any product, you can seek the help of these firms as they can provide you the right kind of information as to whether your invention rightly meet the rules laid by the patent issuing authority. As these professionals have a good level of knowledge, even when your introduction is stated by others as their invention. There are chances that some inventions might have been registered by the introducers as their own introduction, but since they have not renewed the same, some other person might now have registered it as his introduction and in such a case too an attorney can provide the right kind of guidance to the actual introducers as to what they can do in this situation.


So, when there are some problems in your patented and trademarked invention, there need not be any worry as long as there are law firms like Farjami LLP as these firms have many such professionals working for them with a good level of experience and expertise in this field of law.


If you are looking for highly specialized team of dedicated intellectual property attorneys you are at the right place. Farjami LLP is the leading edge high technology Farjami Law Firm whose mission is to provide high quality legal representation in the various areas of intellectual property laws. For more details, visit us

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