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Top Trends in Window Treatments You should Try Out

by roxietenner

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Much like in fashion, trends in beautiful and efficient window treatments are ever-changing. While most homeowners don't want their windows looking bare and drab, it is just as important for them to feel that their window treatments don't bore nor overtax the eyes. Many homeowners are simply looking for fashionable ways to spruce up their home and making the design look as natural as possible without having to overdo any part of it.

Going Organic

Thanks to environmental movements that have taken almost all aspects of life today, using organic window treatments over synthetic variants are gaining ground in popularity. Natural wood or bamboo shades and blinds are flying off the shelves and finding their way into homes, lending that natural ambiance to the home. These organic options also come in colors that enhance the natural materials.

Color Choices

Most homes today are opting for materials and colors in their window treatment that exude calm and relaxation. Motifs that play around shades and tones of blue, teal, and emerald green are popular, eliciting impressions of the sky, ocean, and clear streams. Other common colors include orange, soft lavender, and basic lines of gray and brown..


The current word in luxury curtains and draperies is simplicity. Many homeowners are choosing silk, velvet, fur, leather, or suede for their window drapes. Though heavy and luxurious, designers and homeowners alike try to contrast with lighter colors and simple designs over opulent colors and bold patterns. This is, after all, impacted by people's desire to see comfortable sights and colors in their homes.


Sleek lines and silhouettes are much preferred today for everything from furniture and home fixtures to drapes. Indeed, streamlined and slick silhouettes create a clean, modern, and uncluttered aura in any room. The effect is achieved usually with panel-track systems, or the use of fabric or woven-wood panels that can be used as room dividers as much as they can be used for windows and doors.

It's important to know which ideal window treatments will best fit your personal aesthetic with the structure and architectural details of your home. To know more about current trends in windows, visit

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