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Tracking The Right Charter Through Admission Consultants

by leoturpin61

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For a typical MBA aspirant, it would be usual to strive towards academic excellence, sustaining and inculcating leadership qualities and get a sum up of the professional experience, if there is any. These are factors that are given lots of stress by the candidates, polishing their existing skills, prior to appearing in the written exams and interviews. Over the years, these procedures have become redundant and the present scenario is seeking a newer thought process to affect the way the b school application is being submitted. In Earlier day, most of B-schools required candidates to sit for a written exam, appear in the interviews and group discussions if selected, and then the final selection was done, allowing the candidates to complete the two years of academic and practical training. But, as industry people and academicians found in the long run that such a process of selecting candidates and letting them through the gruels of management courses, didn’t produce true leaders and help the industry.

  • Significant changes in selection process for MBA admissions, essay becoming necessary

To incorporate a paradigm shift in the selection process therefore, some changes were sought to be important. In an effort to make the selection process more fruitful and get candidates admitted with an aptitude for MBA education, top institutes like Indian School of Business started the concept of putting in an essay, for the purpose of ISB Hyderabad admissions. Application essay for MBA is getting commoner in the line of essays for ISB, where most of the application essays for business school are showcasing the reasons depicted by the candidate to get selected in the institutes. By doing this, the B school application is, in a large way, giving the selectors an idea about the knowledge, aptitude, prospects and the post-study career paths for the selected candidates. With the expertise for recognising talents through such application essays for B school, the top people in the best management institutes are making sure that their admissions are being done for the most suitable students, who have the mindset of becoming future managers and not just management graduates, who at the end of the study period, do not reproduce actual skills.

  • Application essay for MBA needs guidance for proper presentation

Easier said than done, the application essay for MBA is not usually put in the right format by the candidates, in most cases. Many of them are sometimes not aware about the things to be put in the essays for ISB, or in a sense, they do not know what the management institute seeks. This is where the prospect of admission consultants for MBA is having a big role to play. These are consultants who provide specific services on writing a good essay, where personal achievements are properly depicted. Writing up the application essay for MBA should be in tone with the current market practises and tend to answer a lot of questions, which are usually asked to the candidates during interviews. ISB Hyderabad admissions can be a small distance away and even candidates can secure MBA scholarships, based on the way they present the essays along with B school application, but the guidance of the consultants can be a fruitful symphony.


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