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Give Players the Best Possible Lights for Every Sport

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When teams are looking at the facilities to practice at or to start a tournament, they want to have a court that is lit up properly.  Tennis courts lights should not be dim and flicker like a lot of big fluorescent lights do.  Lighting for tennis courts should provide a sufficient amount of light for the players without blinding them.

With a lot of options available for the type and style of light, every facility should be able to provide something that is not only perfect for the players but ones that are going to save the facility money on their energy bills.  Some of them are going to be more efficient than others.  When making a decision, it will be important to consider the efficiency as well as the quality of light that will be provided.

There are some lights designed for use on indoor courts while others will be used on outdoors ones.  They can be angled different ways so that every piece of that court will be lit up.  When installing, it is important to make sure that the angle of the light is not going to blind any players though.

This could be very frustrating for the player and cost them their game.  Direct lighting will be an option for indoor use by spacing the fixtures evenly along the ceiling.  There are many different kinds of ceilings so the type of fixture that is used will have to be determined by what will work with the ceiling type.

Some of them have to be suspended down off of the ceiling because of rafters and beams that get into the way.  This is due to a roof that has not been fully finished but on many gyms, this is intentional because of the efficiency.  Some lights will also give off heat which can heat up a gym or court in a hurry.

Many of the new fixtures are going to be much more energy efficient while brightening up a lot better than older ones.  Some fluorescent fixtures that are older will tend to be a bit yellowed.  This can make everything look different. 

Choosing between fluorescent and LED can be a challenge because both of them have good fixtures to offer.  LED can last a lot longer and provide brighter light while using less energy though.  Fluorescent bulbs tend to burn out quickly and flicker.

When games and tournaments are played, teams and coaches want to have the best courts and have them lit up properly.  They want to find a place that the players are happy as well as the fans.  Every place will have a lot of difference in the design but the brightness should remain pretty much the same for each one.

There are many options for tennis court lighting.  What works best on one court may not work as well on another.  Working with a professional, the best fixtures can be chosen while looking at quality and cost savings measures.  Every option should be considered before replacing the fixtures because some of them are better than others.

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