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Corrugated Design Increases Strength of Industrial Packaging

by claydelgado

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Corrugated box design, thanks to its load sharing ability, allows boxes to be stacked as high as necessary. This allows transport craft to bring more boxes on each trip, making logistical trips more efficient. At the same time, warehouses and other storage facilities benefit from the design since it means they can stack more goods and reduce the need to expand.


There are four types of corrugated box designs, but only three are widely used in shipping: single wall, double wall, and triple wall. A single face design, in which only one fluting is glued to one linerboard, is ill-advised for industrial packaging due to strength issues. Cardboard may appear flimsy and weak, but corrugated box design increases its strength tenfold. The flutes between the linerboards allow a box to support tremendous weight, making corrugated boxes an indispensable element in quality industrial packaging supplies.


The most common flute designs are the B-flute and C-flute. B-flute appears thinner than C-flute, but it's usually made with more material for better protection from punctures, while C-flute allows more space for air and provides more strength. A normal box uses the B-flute design, but flute design is not the only deciding factor in terms of stacking strength.


As mentioned earlier, corrugated box designs can be single, double, or triple wall, meaning a box can have up to three layers of flutes sandwiched between more linerboards, increasing stacking strength by a great deal. For example, a single wall box has an edge crush test (ECT) rating of 55, allowing it to support 120 lbs of cargo; a double wall box can support 33 percent more weight at 82 ECT.


Heavy-duty applications demand double or triple wall boxes, although single wall boxes may be used on occasion. These corrugated shipping boxes allow logistics companies to load more cargo inside the boxes, reducing the need for more round trips, transport vehicles, and fuel. Why bring less on one journey when you can bring more with better boxes? The design makes a cardboard box among the most versatile packaging materials around.


Visit the website if you want to know more about how flimsy cardboard can grow so strong with corrugated design. You may never look at a cardboard box the same way again.

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