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Newly Designed Big and Tall Shirts for Men are Stylish and F

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Latest Trends and Styles are reflected in Big and Tall Shirts

              If you have ever gone to a department store to shop for big and tall shirts in the past, then you know that you may only find one or two shirts that you would even wear out of the house. That is changing, however, thanks to a new interest in big and tall menswear.

                While it used to be that many American men used to squeeze into an extra large shirt, unable to button it up properly, they are now admitting to their larger size and shopping for shirts that fit them correctly. This also includes tall guys, who in the past have had to leave dress shirts untucked because they were too short.


                This upsurge in demand for big and tall sizes has American menswear designers responding to the changing tastes of larger American males and putting out big and tall shirts that are cut specifically for the larger and taller sizes. This means that in addition to making trend-setting shirts for regular sized guys, they are also adapting patterns to larger and taller sizes as well.

                 This is good news for the American male, who statistically speaking, has gained a few pounds overall in recent decades. However, just because a guy is larger or taller, it doesn’t mean that he demands any less when it some to looking well-dressed. So instead of just making shirts a few sizes bigger, menswear designers are actually making shirts that are specifically tailored for big and tall men.

                This means that no matter what your build, you can follow the latest sartorial trends and even shop at home at big and tall e-stores like Here you will find the latest trends in big and tall shirts as well as the pants, jeans and sweaters that go with them. Thanks to stores like these, putting a whole fashion forward look together has become possible. So you no longer have to pass up a trend because a shirt doesn’t come in your size.

                Speaking of trends, this season’s main evolution of the shirt has mainly focused around the new prints which are popular right now and which also compliment big andtall sizes. Many big and tall men shy away from prints because they feel that it draws attraction to their size, but this season’s prints lend themselves to big and tall shirts. 

                This is because the prints are small or even miniscule, and also are subtle and sometimes even done in darker colours. For example, the check print shirt that is popular now is a mini-check that adds a pattern to a shirt but doesn’t add volume to a larger silhouette. In plain English, it means that the pattern on the shirt won’t make you look bigger than you already are.

                As well, camouflage prints this season for shirts come in darker and subtler patterns, which can actually be slimming. Even some of the camouflage patterns that are popular are so skewed that you can’t make out what the pattern actually is. This is good news for big and tall guys who want to wear well-fitting and in-demand styles.

                Hawaiian prints are also available in big and tall shirts, but these aren’t the obnoxious looking prints that you have seen before. These are more artistic, 1940’s prints reminiscent of the art deco era. So if you buy them in a larger size, they are more casual and tasteful looking than their comical predecessors.  

                As you can see, menswear designers are catering more and more to big and tall sizes with regards to shirts; not creating something completely different, but rather adapting current styles so that big and tall shirts fit right into the evolving tends.

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