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Factors to Consider to Ensure You have a Good and Safe Tempo

by americanpavilion

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A temporary structure can be very important for holding outdoor events and even for creating storage spaces. There are several concerns that you must address in order to ensure your efforts are successful. Such issues range from Tent Rental, choosing the best type of shelter to adhering to local codes.

Understanding Local Safety Codes

Whether you are going to buy or rent, you need to be conversant with your local codes. Local building codes for temporary shelters will vary, but there are a number of things that you’ll be generally be required to comply with no matter the local authority you will be dealing with.

Depending on the size of the semi-permanent shelter you are trying to build, you may be required to get approval from the local authorities. An enclosure that is not open and is bigger than 120sq feet, will have to get physically accessed by the authorities. If it is open on all or most of its sides, the size required for inspection will be bigger than this.

Fire Safety and the Fabric

If you will be cooking food or some other form of fire or heating in the Fabric Structures, you will not only be required to have it inspected, but you will also have to provide retardant certificate. This is to ensure that the fabric has been manufactured according to standards and that it will not cause danger to the occupants of the shelter in case of a fire. When buying a tent it is therefore important that you get this certificate from the seller, otherwise you may be unable to put it up due to local fire and safety codes.

Size and Modularity

When looking for a Tent Rental you need to carefully consider the size. The people renting you the tent should be able to provide a wide range of inventory. Wider range of sizes will ensure that you get one that is neither too big nor too small. You also need to consider the modularity of the construction. You may need to put it up within a short time frame, and a modular construction will be very important.

You will have to inspect the condition of the fabric structure especially if you are planning to buy it. Learning how old it is will help you estimate its lifespan. If you are renting you should ensure that it is clean and well maintained to project a better image for your guests or customers.



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