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Just What is a Truck Mount Carpet Cleaner and Why it Might b

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Professional carpet cleaning is a $4 billion dollar a year industry according to IBIS World. There are a variety of techniques employed by professional carpet cleaners including carpet shampooing, dry cleaning or dry powder methods, bonnet cleaning, and steam cleaning (often called "hot water extraction"). Not all methods are created equal, and truthfully, there is a clear winner among the options.

Carpet shampooing involves spraying the carpet with a detergent that can generate a large amount of foam. This method can easily go south when too much shampoo is used. Excess shampoo that is not removed from the carpet often dries with a slightly stick residue that can easily attract more dirt and grime to your carpets, resulting in additional necessary cleaning. Dry cleaning or dry powder methods actually do use a small amount of water, but it is a negligible amount. This process involves sprinkling the carpet with a dry cleaning powder, working it into the carpet fibers, and then vacuuming out the soil and powder. This method requires very thorough vacuuming and doesn't result in a very deep clean. Arguably the worst method of all is bonnet cleaning, which resembles a tile cleaning machine more than one for carpeting. A large pad rotates over the surface of the carpet which can either be sprayed with cleaning solution, or the pads may be soaked in the solution prior to cleaning. This method of cleaning is not recommended because it is to abrasive on carpet fibers and can easily pull and fuzz the carpet and can leave noticeable swirl marks.

For many professional carpet cleaners, the only way to go is with steam cleaning or hot water extraction. This method is the only truly deep cleaning solution. The most common method for accomplishing this type of cleaning is with a truck-mounted carpet cleaner. There are a variety of options and methods, but the basics are that water is heated to high temperature in the truck, either by the heat from the engine or from outside heating elements, and then sprayed at high pressure onto the carpet. This water is immediately sucked back up by a vacuum nozzle directly in front of the high pressure water spray. Many people prefer this cleaning method because the humidity and dirty air from cleaning is exhausted outside the home where the cleaning truck will be parked. While this method is extremely thorough it still over a relatively quick turnaround time with completely dry carpets in as little as 8 hours in a well-ventilated area.

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