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How to Find the Best Dog Breeder

by anonymous

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Once you’ve decided on a particular breed of dog, it’s important to find a good breeder.  During your dog research, you will have discovered much knowledge about the breed you are looking to buy.  Use this knowledge to measure your breeder on their level of awareness and expertise.

For example, if you would like a bulldog you should know there is a big difference between English bulldogs and French bulldogs.  English bulldogs are medium in size, short and stocky.  Usually very flat in the face, they are strong looking dogs but compact, weighing anywhere between 40 – 70 lbs.

The French bulldog is essentially the smaller cousin of the English bulldog.  They are usually between 18 – 28 lbs.  They are often mistaken for a pug because of their smaller size, or confused with Boston Terriers who often have the same markings.  They come in many different colours.

There is also the American bulldog which is much taller and larger than the other breeds of bulldog.  They are usually predominantly white, with some patches.  They can weigh between 70 – 125 pounds and can resemble the pit bull breed of dog.

Knowing exactly which specific breed you want is crucial, as there can be many variations or mixed breeds.  If you want a purebred AKC registered dog, it’s even more important to know the facts.  For example, bulldogs come in a variety of colours, but purebreds will not have a red nose.

Breeders of dogs need to be reputable, and preferably come with references and recommendations.  It is important to thoroughly research each breeder you consider.  And do consider more than one to contrast and compare what they do.  Bad breeders exist and it’s important to know how to recognise one.

How do you recognise bad breeders of dogs?  Apart from the obvious lack of care for the dogs or messy conditions, you should test their knowledge of the breed to ensure they are genuine.  Another sign is if they don’t let you see where the puppies were raised, observe the litter, or meet the mother.

Don’t choose a breeder just because they offer a lower price. Especially in this case you need to check if they do proper health tests on the dogs.  Health problems in dogs can cost thousands of dollars.  It’s important to be aware of the possible health complications before you commit to buy a dog.

If a ‘purebred’ breeder is AKC registered, they should be able to supply you with the appropriate paperwork.  Registration papers should be available, as well as papers backing up health claims, and a sales contract.  All of these will ensure you have recourse should you have any problems with the puppy.

Selecting a breeder that has a sincere love of your chosen breed is a wise move.  These people have genuine interest vested in the dogs because it is their passion.  This will be obvious when you visit the breeder and see how they interact with the dogs, and how the dogs respond to them.

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