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Important Password Creation Tips by McAfee

by anonymous

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We all have several accounts on social media websites, personal accounts and e-mail accounts. All these are essential for us, as each one of them are an extension to our real life. Each of our account no matter where or on which website serves a purpose of storing our personal information and vital information related to us. This is why it is essential to create a strong password that is also easy to remember. However, many times in ignorance we tend to create an easy to guess password or set a password that is easy to hack.

If you want to secure your accounts then you need to know the essentials of strong password. Recently McAfee has come up with important password tips that comes handy in securing your account. Additionally, Intel too has come up with a concept that helps in ascertaining the time within which a certain password can be hacked. Let us first understand the software by Intel.

Software by Intel

Intel has developed software that is available online called how strong is your password. As the name suggests is helps a user discover how strong is the password and how long it will take a hacker to get through. You can begin by entering a password (for precautionary measure it is advisable not to use any or your own password) that you intent to use.

As soon as you hit enter you will get a detailed analysis of how long will it exactly take to hack it. a list containing details like years, months, days, hours, minutes down to the number of seconds to hack your password. Remember the more details generated in your report the more difficult it becomes to hack it. It is all about the complexity of a password that makes it difficult to decipher and hack.

Important password tips:

  • It is advisable to use different passwords for your different accounts. For example, using a different yet complex password for your bank account is essential as it is about safeguarding your financial information. Secondary importance can be given to social media accounts and e-mail accounts. Although these are more likely to be hacked but again a good password will work for it.
  • It is important to use a password that has combination of alphabets, numbers and if possible, punctuation marks. You can create a password that has all these elements. For example, you can choose a phrase like “my 1st college trip! However, this again might sound somewhat hack-able. After running it through Intel test, you might be surprised that this too would take a few months to hack.
  • Once you realize the manner in which you need to construct a strong password you can set passwords in the same manner. All you need to remember is to include all the essential elements within your password. You are also suggested to use names of your social media websites like FB (Facebook) andTwtr (Twitter).
  • If you find complex password difficult to remember then you can use a long password. A simple but long phrase like ‘The–show-must-go-on’ is a strong password as well as easy to remember. Notice how the punctuations and other signs are used, you too can create a password in the similar manner.

In conclusion to all above you can use the help of software that helps manage your password. A password manager that contains tools like storing, managing, creating and auto-fill option of your password at your account helps in the long run. You can choose from LastPass or RoboForm.

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