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Making Online Marketers Energy Efficient

by anonymous

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Every company which is engaged in some sort of service or product based business needs marketing. Marketing has a vital role in the growth of the company’s business, which is why there are experts employed in every organization. Marketing is a creative and skill based work, to promote the business; companies spend large sums of money on advertisement and other promotional measures. The latest inclusion in the field of marketing is the online marketing. The key online marketing tools are known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SMO (Social Media Optimization) and SMM (Social Media Marketing).

Their job is usually to keep the company’s product and services visible to the users. SEO and SEM perform almost the same task, their aim is to keep the company’s product or services near the top of the related searches. SEOs and SMEs estimate the keywords through the user would search for a specific product or service. They use those keywords more and more in articles, blogs and press releases and post them on a number of sites. This activity helps them achieve their goal of putting their company at the top of the searches.

Whereas, SMO and SMM are a bit different from SEO and SEM. SMO and SMM use social media as their weapon. Social websites like Face book, Twitter, Linked In and Google+ are advertised with the company’s product by SMO and SMM. They put the special offers such as discount offers and etc. on their social media page and try to steer heavy traffic towards the company’s business. It is probably the cheapest way of marketing in terms of money.

SEOs, SEMs, SMOs and SMMs operate more than one ID and they often have to sign up for new sites which can boost their performance. For the purpose, they have to fill lengthy forms on every second website asking almost the same questions. This work seems to be quite tiring; their performance would increase if they use Macro Keys. Their sign up task would become less time taking as the form would be filled with short keys.

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