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Feel The Love High In The Air And Find Your Perfect Love

by leoturpin61

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Love is like champagne, every drop of it makes you dream, sing, smile, dance and jump with joy. But it can be painful and dreadful too if the love match is not an apposite one. It can turn life into a journey of joy and peace where each toast of the champagne is as refreshing as it was on the first date or else it can be a journey through an abyss. People run around to match the horoscopes, but it is actually the love horoscopes that need to be matched to make life a celebration. Life is not a journey of two people, it’s a journey of two hearts bonded together with love and trust. People have realized that love is not just a matter of luck and hence are keen upon the love astrology predictions to get a perfect match.

Feel the heart to feel the love

The heart needs to be pampered and cared a lot, but many a time people ignore the yearnings of a lonely heart for a love match. Listen to your heart as it may be when your love meter is at the peak, and if you let it go, you may not be lucky again. But at the same time, one can’t gamble with the love life and hence will have to wait for the suitable time, the time when the love line is high; the match would be suitable and would be a long lasting relationship as per the love horoscope.

Test is beckoning

Every test increases the heart beats, which worsens when it is the love test. But it is a special test which everyone is willing to attend, one with no age barrier, which has no deadlines for completion or restrictions on repetitions. A test where nothing needs to be by hearted, instead just pour out what is in your heart. A test with no pens and pencils, answers are not in paragraphs but can be the poem that the heart recites, or a melodious silence or a lovely stare. Some try their luck immediately, some dig up their love horoscopes for the apt time, some take days to attend the same. For some it is a joyous result and for some it’s heartbreaking, some take it to heart, some take it lightly whereas some are so broken that they give up the gift of God. For some the testextends beyond winning their love, have to face many hindrances which can be triumphed over by patience and hope. Knowingly or unknowingly every person has to face the love test, the only difference is that some give up in half way and some strive for it.  

Turn love to a life-long relationship

Trying the luck may not work every time, even that works as per the predictions. Love astrology plays a crucial role in deciding the apt time for falling in love. But finding love isn’t restricted to these factors only, the attitude towards the love life is also crucial. Some seek genuine love and for some others their love meter reading is always varying. Such people don’t realize that it’s a lifelong relationship and sadly their love horoscope is also helpless in giving them the best.


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