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Beyond the Chess Board

by Joebob

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I’m interested in knowing what others think of Bobby Fischer. Was he an American chess phenom or was he just an erratic mentally ill vagrant. His life was portrayed as quite a troubled individual with a chess board from Brooklyn, NY. In the movie “Bobby Fischer Against the World”.

Was he someone who Americans could be proud of with his Communist ties? His mother was a communist and his father died while he was very young. His mother left to raise him, planted these anti-American thoughts in his head. Chess Master or not, that is not someone that I think most Americans would like to idolize.

The public talked about him as a boy genius, but was he really? He did become a U.S. Champion at the age of 15, so he did have success at the game. But which side of that fine-line did he reside, genius or wacho? What do you think? Is it sacrilegious to talk about Bobby Fischer this way, or do others feel the same way?

After being at the top of the chess world at an early age, Bobby dropped out of the public-eye and was hardly ever seen. In 1992, Bobby was indicted from the U.S. State Department for violating a political embargo on the host country. What a great American, huh? He ended-up moving from country to country with his chess board to find somewhere where they would accept him. Iceland was the country that would allow him to ride there and he showed-up as a senile unkempt recluse who no longer was a chess master.

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