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Cleaning Of Toys For Better Performance

by adultmart

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Do you clean your sex toys regularly?? If not then start doing it on a regular basic because it is highly imperative that you clean your toys and keep them maintained for hygienic reasons. If they are shared by your partner, we insist that you make use of a condom so that spread of bacteria and STDs is prevented; in addition you need to properly clean it also.

When you buy your masturbator you should always clean it before using. Moreover see that there aren’t any rips in the rubber, jelly or silicone. Look over your hard plastic and glass and see if there are any cracks. Any cracks or tears in the stuff can trap germs and you will find it hard to clean it. Read on to find out how to keep those sexes associated creepy germs at bay.

SILICONE BASED TOYS- products that are made of silicone are not porous. So that implies unlike jelly toys they don’t lock in bacteria. Use a mild anti- bacterial soap and some water for cleaning it. Silicone toys that do not operate on battery can be boiled for a minute or two. Let it dry and then wipe it with a cloth.

TOYS MADE OF JELLY OR RUBBER- these are porous so they tend to trap bacteria and dirt. These can be cleaned with a gentle anti- bacterial soap. If you apply anti bacterial soap make sure you clean it thoroughly so that no residue is left or else it might damage the toy or cause irritation during performance. There are many cleansers available in the market especially for these toys such as ‘before and after’, ‘Pure med clean’ etc. We would definitely recommend that you use a condom to make sure you are safe.

TOYS MADE OF STAINLESS STEEL, GLASS OR PYREX: Make use of a sex-toy cleanser or clean with mild antibacterial water and soap. You may also stew or put your Pyrex or glass toys inside dishwasher if they do not have a battery slot or electrical system.

TOYS THAT ARE MADE OF UR3, SOFT TOUCH, FUTUROTIC, CYBERSKINAND NEOSKIN: These types of equipments are usually used in toys for male masturbation and erection rings, for example realistic vaginas and sleeves. Clean these goods with lukewarm antibacterial soap and water. Later on they need a thorough cleaning, let the thing air dry entirely. After that, put a thin coating of cornstarch so that it remains fresh.

TOYS MADE OF ACRYLIC OR HARD PLASTIC: You can apply a sex toy cleaner or gentle antibacterial soap and water on them. Let air dry or wipe it with a soft cotton cloth. With all toys, ensure that you it can be stored in a dry area which is cool and dust free. Ensure you avoid direct sun rays and all the time removes the batteries prior to storing. I expect this kind of answered your entire sex toy cleaning related queries .And keep in mind, just because they are “dirty” toys, they mustn’t be kept dirty! ;)

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