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Cleaning up a client list

by stephenhairmaxsaloon

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In the last Salon Management Strategies article, I talked about the value of a client list and how most salon owners simply ignore this valuable asset. But what if you have a client list already? Well, lets start with the integrity of the list.

Most direct marketers feel that every month that goes by that you do not touch your clients with something, about 10% of the list becomes worthless. So you can quickly do the math and find out that a list a year old that was never mailed to is in serious jeopardy of being useless. But what can you do now that will revive the list?

It is not that complicated. Mail to it! Put together a mailing and send it off to clients that you have not seen in the last 3 months. These clients are essentially gone (exclude seasonal clients if you can) so offer them a big reason to return. What is a big reason? How about 50% off their next visit. Or if you are really aggressive how about 75% off their next visit.

One mistake that salon owners constantly make is that they are too cheap on their offers. If you send a client, who has not been into your salon in 3 months, a $5 off or 10$ off coupon, what do you think the likelihood of them returning is? Pretty low..that’s for sure. Look, these clients are gone. How much does it cost to bring in a new client? Think of each of these lost clients as potential new clients again.

Now you should put a dollar value limit on the discount so that you don’t get barraged with low paying clients. The dollar value limit might equal what it would normally cost for a full-service cut & blowdry. Also, you want to put in the letter a deadline of lets say 3 weeks from the mailing date. People respond to big offers and they understand deadlines. Otherwise, your letter goes aside and they eventually forget about it.

Now, another thing this mailing will do is clean up your client list. So make sure that the mailing that you do is using a first-class stamp. No bulk mail nonsense. You need to know which addresses are no longer valid. When envelopes are returned, you will simply remove the clients from your list.

Any hair salon appointment software worth it's salt will have a way to capture critical client information. Whether that be full client addresses, cell phones or email addresses...this information is gold to your salon.

Inactive client mailings should be done at least twice a year. Mail to the client 3 times with letters spaced out every 10 days. If they fail to respond by the third letter, remove them from the list.

This inactive client mailing, if done properly, will give your salon an instant surge in business. Eventually that surge in business will lead to a greater surge in profitability.

In the next, Salon Management Strategies email; I will tell you the best way to make sure that your client list remains viable and valuable.

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