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Auto Dealer Leads - 4 Steps to Success

by autofriendleads

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Are you reliant on the age-old practice of using large billboards and print advertisements to grab the attention of a potential car buyer? You are spending thousands of dollars on such marketing strategies but with no results! If you wish to give your automobile website a competitive edge over your nearest competitors, it’s high time that you revise your current marketing strategies. To increase auto dealer leads, you need a smart game plan. Have you ever thought about it instead of the old, conventional ways?

Buying a vehicle is not like purchasing a television or computer. That’s because a car buyer is very specific as to the choice of model, color, mileage, engine performance, oil, and things like that. Some inbound marketing tactics can do wonders for your dealership. Quality content, paid search, social media, and email marketing are some of the strategies that will help you get an edge over your competitors.

For online car dealerships, quality content creation is a must. Make your website informative for prospective buyers by publishing engaging blog posts, creating infographics, and eBooks. The content should accentuate on the kind of products and services you are offering to attract prospective buyers. It should focus more on your expertise in the automobile industry than anything else. Make sure that your blog posts, web content, or eBooks are useful, informative, and relevant to your targeted audience. You can refer car lead sites, and see what strategies they are embracing to assist dealerships.

As far as paid search is concerned, you need to know what you want out of your paid search. In simple words, what you want your prospects or site visitors to do. Are you going to place a call-to-action button on the page that contains information about your dealership and services? Is that page going to be the home or the landing page? And, will the activities of the page be tracked easily? This means you have to build a structure for your campaign that can be easily understood and managed. It’s better if you keep things easy and simple.

A smart way to attract the attention of prospective car buyers is by making your presence felt via the social media sites. When all businesses are improving their online visibility using platforms like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter, why you should lag behind? Create a fan page for potential customers and grab their attention by announcing special services, offers, and deals. You can also share all the great content that you have been creating to improve auto dealer leads. Remember that social media is that platform that helps you connect with prospective buyers, and build trust.

Email marketing is yet another strategy to trigger inquiries, registration, downloads, and sales. If this strategy is properly implemented, cars dealers can develop their client base and improve customer loyalty by sending newsletters concerning new products, offers, and services. In such newsletters, you can mention about the customer relationship management (CRM) tool that you are using to ensure the level of convenience for each transaction that takes place.

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