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Creating a New Office Filing System using Silver Lever Arch

by scottkhevin

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The sound came as if something heavy just fell off, like a big box teeming with contents perhaps. It came from the room adjacent to our work area where files and documents were being stored. When Jefferson, the staff sitting next to me, checked it out, he found that the box files and all the envelopes contained in them, which were resting in a hanging bookcase atop steel cabinets for a long time now, had finally taken their great fall making a loud statement for all of us:

“Hey, guys, we’ve been here near a decade. It’s high time you put us into more sturdy, secured, and ergonomically useful file containers.”

As soon as Jefferson informed us of the sad fate of those valuable documents, I said to myself:

“A silver lever arch file should do the job.”

Upon further examination, it was found out the inevitable happened: the hanging bookcase got detached from the wall due to the heavy load it’s been carrying through the years. Since it could no longer carry the paper files and documents in the box files, they tumbled down the floor throwing the contents everywhere. Some of the contents of tattered envelopes came out mixing with other documents. The once organised document storage room became chaotic in an instant. But the daunting task still awaited the staff assigned in maintaining the files: to gather the documents, classify them, and segregate everything into proper files complete with document names.

Just as I expected, our department was informed by the management that we need to do something about the records in the storage room as soon as possible. We were asked to update the filing system, identify those documents that can be shredded, and those that must be stored permanently. When I got the chance to suggest the best possible solution, I confidently told them that we should use the silver lever arch file being sold by the country’s largest online stationery and office supplier, the Euroffice. These are what I told my officemates in one of our meetings: 

“It’s important that the files and documents in our storage room be organised immediately before the new ones come. But it’s also imperative that the filing system we’re adopting be changed. It has to be improved. One way is by using Euroffice’s latest product to their filing and archiving range – the silver lever arch file or specifically, the Leitz WOW Lever Arch File A4 White – instead of purchasing the usual tandem of box files and envelopes that are very susceptible to wear and tear. It’s now being introduced as more ergonomically convenient that those of its predecessors as far as usability, reliability, better handling, and excellent safe-keeping of files and records are concerned.

Silver Lever Arch File Offers New Touch to Our File Storage Room

“Judging by the construction and looks of a lever arch file, it’s no longer a surprise why most people consider it as the most versatile office product out there – and the silver lever arch file is no exception to the rule. Though it looks a bit like a folder, it can keep documents more securely by way of its latching mechanism that’s composed of two metal pieces and a metal bar or ring binders that clamp documents in place. This latching mechanism also makes browsing through the files easy and efficient. Covers with slots help keep document files stable while upright and in use, making them free from being torn and wrinkled.

“The spine of a lever arch file usually has a label which lets marking of files easy and convenient. This makes for quick identification of the contents. If the files are not properly organized, delineating the contents of file storages can take much time but with this product, securing files is done in a couple of minutes. Just make sure the labels are clearly written in legible letters. It’s better if we print them rather than write in freehand. All that’s left is for us to be diligent with our filing skills. This makes them very cost-effective since some similar products don’t have them. What’s good also with this Euroffice’s new product is that it can be opened or spread out with a 180-degree mechanism so you can easily put in or detach documents when needed.

“This new lever arch file product by Euroffice is designed for the safekeeping of various A4 documents – such paper size is the standard not only in our office but in the entire UK and in other European countries as well – meaning, any document printed in that size can easily be contained. How much A4 document can the lever arch file with 80mm spine contain? Such is the next important question people have in mind when choosing the appropriate lever arch files especially for office use. The expected answer must be: a lot! In fact, to be precise about it, a typical arch file can accommodate probably ten times as much paper than ordinary folders or envelopes.

“This means, all the documents that easily accumulate on our desks, save for the mail shots, like company memos, purchase order receipts, price lists, house rules, and other frequently needed files can be best kept and stored in the lever arch file which, by the way, has a whopping 600-page capacity. With such highly-dependable file storage, you can already manage the accumulation of clutter in your own work area or its periphery. So instead of keeping company documents in your own cabinets or drawers, it is better if we have a common place for storage. That may be the reason why the old files in the storage room collapsed in order to give way to a new and updated one.

After giving me a round of applause for that “impromptu product knowledge” speech,

the most important question came in:

“So I’ll need at least two people who will help me with the sorting out of documents, as well as with the actual filing and labelling of silver lever arch files to update our filing system in the stock room. Who wants to volunteer?” asked Jefferson, the staff assigned to oversee the renovation of the stock room.

The Second Man in Charged

Before anybody can respond, Anna, our team leader, told us that the management has just approved the purchase of silver lever arch files. She wanted us to inform her of the final quantity of the lever arch files needed for the creation of the new office filing system. 

Jefferson spoke, “I think since Brent here has a wide knowledge of the office filing system, as well as of the Euroffice product, I think I want him to be in my team. Those of you who agree with me, kindly raise your hands.”

Almost everybody raised a hand except me. Eight in all, including Jefferson. Majority won. As if to emphasise that I don’t have a choice, Jefferson even assigned me as his assistant. When everybody laughed and they stamped their feet in complete agreement, I heard a loud sound reminiscent of the box file that fell on the floor the previous day. 

“All right, all right! I’m in it as long as we’re using the silver lever arch file.”

What started in “Blag!” ended in “Blag!”

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