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Water and space—today’s essentials

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Rainwater harvesting is a method used for collecting, storing, and using rainwater to avoid water shortage and in turn use this water for landscape irrigation and other domestic as well as commercial  uses. The rainwater is collected from various already existing hard surfaces such as roof tops and/or other types of specifically made to collect rain water above ground hard surfaces like water tanks. This very old practice is currently growing in popularity throughout our community’s cause of awareness in people about constantly reducing natural water supply and reducing the consumption of clean drinking water and the innate qualities of rainwater. The storage tank made specifically is the most costly component of a rainwater harvesting system. There are various types and kinds of storage tanks available. Storage of rain water can be done above the ground as rooftop water tanks or underground. Storage containers can be made from various materials like galvanized steel, concrete, clay, plastic, glass and many more, etc. Examples of above the ground storage include barrels, tanks, big cans, roof top swimming pools, etc. Storage tank prices vary on the basis of different aspects such as size, material used and complexity of placement. To prevent the growth of algae, storage tanks should be solid and preferably kept away from direct sunlight. The tanks should also be kept near to the areas of use thereby reducing the supply line and also the distance over which the water is to be delivered. Also they must be placed on an elevated area there by helping gravity. Thus in Australia where there is long period of drought and then heavy rainfall rain water harvesting is very important. Rain water tank made of bluescope still aquaplates are available in AustraliaLook for unique aquaplatesused for tanks to help rain water harvesting.

These days due to lack of space these days the concept of raised garden beds have come up. These are garden bed holders or tanks of various sizes n shapes according to requirement. See for garden bedsand choose as per your requirements. These garden beds are of different sizes according to the restricted areas like balconies and courtyards.

 Another product of this company is custom made roof flashing. Flashing is a sheet metal used to strengthen and weatherproof the joints and angles of a roof. Roof flashing usually done in lead is very expensive. Steel roof flashing are affordable and very superior to the classic lead ones.Check for roof flashingavailable in steel.

Another product is a gutter guard. To clean and declog the roof gutters is a very time consuming task but having gutters in and around the roof is very important to collect water for rain water harvesting. This product covers the gutters and prevents stuff like leaves and dirt and other clogging thing to clutter in the gutter and blocking them. These are made of aluminum mesh and they protect the gutter from from blocking cause of leaves and silt at the same time letting clean rain water to be collected in the tanks. Click here for gutter servicesavailable to suit the requirement according to your roofs. Also see here



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